Tales of an Amateur Thrifter

As I grew up, I watched my mother expertly find wonderful bargains on second hand clothing for five children. We never lacked the clothing needed to get us through the hundreds of growth spurts, ripped knee holes, fancy events, and hot summers. It was through watching my mother that I learned to look for a bargain. We continued to thrift throughout my teen years. Some of us children became thrifters and some refused as we came into adulthood. I was a child who loved the thrill of the hunt and as an adult, I grew to love thrifting for other purposes besides clothing. 

Since I got married when I was only nineteen and went straight from my father’s house to the home I made with my husband, I learned a lot of thrifty tricks, and they do come in handy with my own children too! It’s how I managed to furnish our home and clothe all of my little family! I’ve always loved seeing the things that other people score at the thrift store, so I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite non-clothing items that I’ve thrifted over the years. 

First, I know I blogged about it at the time, but I bought this fabulous little rocking horse for Eliot when he was only a year old. It moves its head and neighs and Eliot dubbed him “Rocky.” He’s been a friendly and fun addition to our days. 

We needed a bassinet when Joan was born so I found this adorable one online for only twenty bucks! It’s been really useful. 

Just recently, I discovered a thrift store that had a lot of handmade blankets! We bought 3 for around five dollars each! Life has never been so cozy or cute! Once we get to wintertime, I know we will be so glad of these when the three of us that use big blankets start fighting over them. 

Sweet basket to hold diapers? Just a buck and handy to keep the massive amount of new diapers contained. 

Glider and ottoman? I’ve got two! I bought one and my mom bought the other. We use and love both of them. This nice cushy one was only thirty-five!

Today’s find includes some extra train tracks for Eliot’s trains for only a few dollars. He’s already in love because I found a train tunnel!

Cute curtain pullbacks which look amazing against our blue accent wall. A dollar for the set. 

What kinds of things do you look for if you thrift?


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