Joan Cecilia Anno.

Born on June 28th – 7 lbs 4 oz -19 1/2 inches

She is named after one of my favorite saints who exhibited such courage and piety. A woman who feared the Lord and looked pretty ridiculous while doing it. She was made fun of, told she was crazy and was hearing voices (when she was being ministered to by other Saints), and was martyred. Joan of Arc had such purity and light in a time of darkness, and she was a F I E R C E leader. That is definitely what I hope for with little Joan. 

The second part of her name, another strong Saint! One who stood against evil and converted many. You should look up Saint Cecilia. 

The third part of her name, Anno, was a woman clothed in so much grace and humility. As well as humor! My grandmother. After multiple health problems and strokes, she was left half paralyzed in a wheelchair, but she never let it get her down. She taught me so much about aging gracefully, compassion, and joy. I miss her dearly and I hope that Joan gets her gleeful spirit and gentle kindness. 

This girl has a lot to live up to and many wonderful, strong, women to help guide her through her life. I can’t wait to see the beautiful woman that she becomes. 


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