My First Peg Doll Swap

Yesterday, the mom’s group at my church pulled off a very successful Saints Peg Doll Swap! It’s been months in the making, lots of organizing, painting, and crafting with a total of 15 moms participating. Using the ideas and simple instructions from Catholic Icing, most of us met together at a home to chat and exchange peg dolls. I had a blast getting to meet new moms, helping to organize it, and catching up with friends! I really hope to do another one soon. 

Depending upon how many events we have coming up in the Mom’s Ministry at church, perhaps around Christmas. I am hoping that if we organize another one, I can spend a bit more prep time coming up with things like coloring sheets of those particular saints for the kids at the swap meet and having some quotes and prayers to send home with the moms. Maybe a little swag bag of sorts! Being a few weeks out from labor, I feel like I did about as much as I could for the meet this time without completely neglecting my other duties and family. As it was, finishing up RCIA, joining the leadership team in the Mother’s Ministry, and organizing the swap was a bit ambitious. Within one week, I attended two leadership meetings (one was for my specific committee and one was for all of the committees together), attended the end of the year RCIA celebration, and helped to host the swap. I practically took daniel to work daily and got really good at keeping the toddler awake in the car. It’s going to be a wonderful year though, and I’m really excited to be helping the church in this way!

Every mom picked up 15 unpainted dolls, chose the Saint they wanted to paint, and assembly-line style painted them. We spent two months with them (although I think most of us painted them last minute. I know of several of us who were varnishing the dolls at ten pm the night before the exchange). When we came together, we had 15 saints to swap to be able to take home a collection.

The cast of Saints!

I painted Saint Paul the Apostle. They were finished two days before the swap when daniel took Eliot to the splash park so that I could work in peace without the theme song to Daniel Tiger stuck in my head. 

I hardly had time to snap photos after the swap before the toddler happily claimed the set and he has been lining them up sweetly in different places around the house. I love the one of Mary so much (how beautifully detailed she is) and it has already proven quite useful as a visual aid! We talk about Jesus and Mary a lot, and we have crucifixes in practically every room, so Eliot really gets it when we say our goodnight Jesus and Mary prayer, at least about Jesus. But ever since we gave him the Mary peg, he has actually been saying “Mary” and seems to have a better grasp on the Mother of Jesus thing. 

If you were on the fence about peg doll swaps, don’t be! It was a blast and everyone should do it if they enjoy crafting!


7 thoughts on “My First Peg Doll Swap

  1. Ooh, they’re all so cute! Such a great group of saints too. Landon recently took the statue of Mary I have by my bed to carry around so I really should get a group of ladies to do a swap. Did you think 15 was a good number? Or would you choose less or more in the future?

    • Aww!
      15 was a great number! I think more than that would be overwhelming. But 10-15 seems like it would be perfect. Originally we were going to do 20 but ended up with 15 sign ups, and I’m really glad. We also gave ourselves plenty of time to work on them which I highly recommend for mom life. We passed out the pegs at a moms meeting back in march and then had our exchange at the end of May. Lots of email reminders are a good idea too! My wish for future swaps is that I either have every mom bring a bit of info on their saint for everyone too, or that one person do it for all of the saints to pass out. I also would love to figure out a way to host a casual night for painting together where maybe the dads babysit/do bedtimes and moms get to gather for wine and painting! I think it would help build community and everyone would get to know each other before the exchange without the interruptions of motherhood. But I’ve been way into moms nights out lately because I’ve just gone to my first couple of them and had such a lovely time being able to breathe on my own and get to meet other moms without my two year old extra appendage. It’s been refreshing!

        • Me too! I think I’ve figured out that BECAUSE I’m introverted, I NEED to get out with other moms. Having a toddler wth you all the time actually seems more socially exhausting than talking to moms in a very casual and solidarity kind of way. I feel really energized by spending time with those that support me and know me, even if we’ve just met. Moms have such a talent for comfort and friendliness and I can meet someone new and feel like they are “my person” like my husband and family right away! Just a perk of motherhood, I guess! When I’m with the toddler, I know I can’t just “dump it all” on him because he’s 2, does not understand, and needs positive energy. He doesn’t “know me” the way moms get to know each other. This is a deep thought for the comment section. Lol

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