A Chapter in the Life (ch. 25)

Good Reads

Smartphone Detox – Mama Needs Coffee – I really enjoyed reading this post. I’ve considered going off the smartphone grid for some time, but have never taken the plunge. I’ve gotten rid of apps, cut down social media, and tried not to use it a lot, but I do identify with her desire to go back to a flip phone. Ultimately, right now, I don’t feel ready to go for it, but who knows! I really love the reflections in this post though, and how she realized how unimportant (in the grand scheme of things) she was when she made her smartphone dumb. It was such a healthy outlook!

Making Icons with Kids – Carrots for Michaelmas – I don’t think I’ve linked to this but I loved this when I read it! I really need to figure out how to save all those links I love so that I can remember to share them. 

Sorting out which Differences Matter – Whole Parenting Family – An older post but still a good read! Man, I’m so behind. 

Life Right Now

We ventured to IKEA today for the first time and had a blast being a lame, old, boring family strolling up and down the rows. It was a lovely experience! Eliot was so well behaved (it could have been the dumdum I gave him from my purse, but you do what you have to do). Eliot is also preparing hardcore for the arrival of little missy in July! He dressed his babydoll, put her in the car seat and carried her out to the car this morning, and is emphatic about the loss of baby’s hat every time it happens to fall off. He very carefully hands me the hat with a “hhhhaaaa!” And gently pats the baby upon receiving a newly dressed babydoll. His newest idea is that the baby in mama’s tummy needs to be wiped too, so he brings a wet wipe and tenderly wipes the area around my belly button, with a cute little “awww wight” (alright) when he’s finished. I am so looking forward to life with two littles!

Baby is doing well according to my checkups and everything is excessively average! She had her head crammed into my hip when I had my last sono so we couldn’t get very many views of her face. But she’s ten times more agreeable in my womb than Eliot ever was and her kicks are such sweet little things as opposed to the manly jabs that Eliot was determined to accomplish! I really enjoy noting the differences between each child. Everybody is different!

Last night, I got to go to my first real girls night out sans the toddler! What made it real? There were more ladies than I could count, and there was wine, and it went into the late (11:00—haha, I’m so lame) hour of the night! It was justified in the group of moms at church because we stuffed over 2000 Easter eggs for the parish Easter egg hunt. So we all, a little tearfully, a little joyfully, left our babies in the hands of our capable hubbies, drove across town, stuffed our faces with pizza and Girl Scout cookies and those of us who could, indulged in wine. The rest of us commiserated about missing cocktails and sleep ideas for newborn phases. I had a blast! Plans were made, friendships developed, and I’m so excited to be a part of such a lovely group of ladies who exude grace and dignity and charity! I finally feel in the place where I can see God’s hand working and inviting me to be a part of it. 

Yesterday morning, Eliot and I went to our book play group and then I stopped by the craft store to pick up paint for my saint peg dolls. Teach me your ways, oh wise peg doll swappers! We totally laughed about how difficult the faces were to paint last night when one mom showed her handiwork and said, “Saint john Bosco isn’t supposed to have creepy eyebrows!” 

Eliot and I are turning into quite the social butterflies as next week we have two play dates scheduled! Our big one was a huge success. We had somewhere around 8 moms and 13 kiddos under four with lots of pancakes and love to go around. This part of motherhood is one of my favorite parts. The community!

We finished our book study last month for “Divine Mercy for Moms” and it’s really been making me think how great it would be to get more involved as a family in the corporal works of mercy. Do you have family ideas? I also finished reading Everyday Sacrament and swiftly passed it off to daniel for some light parenting reflections at work during down time. It truly was lovely. 

This is my messy arrangement of squares from the Queen Anne Crochet-a-long that I did with Jen in March and it has made a great size for a lap blanket! I’m working on sewing them together now. 

We are in desperate need of garden soil as these little basil plants just keep on growing! It’s true what they say…you really can’t screw up basil from seed. 

I got to celebrate Easter Vigil with my candidate in RCIA and it was truly awe inspiring to be at the Vigil again. I also got to eat a lot of cake afterwards so there’s that. #pregnant But it truly was beautiful and I’m so proud of the 62 people from St. Rita’s who received sacraments!! It was a privilege to be a part of the program. 

I guess that’s all for now. Life is good!


6 thoughts on “A Chapter in the Life (ch. 25)

    • I hear ya on catching up on house stuff! Ever since we got over our stomachs bug, I feel like laundry is the thing i can’t seem to get under control and I usually feel like I can do it! I am just seeing the squares together one by one. It’s a little tedious, but I love the outcome! I’m totally winging it too, btw. No technique…

  1. 62 people received sacraments!!! WOW!! thats amazing, if we have more than 5 we think its a lot here!
    On another note, I use the app/website/browser extension called Pocket to save links like you mentioned the Icon painting one, so years down the road I know where it is. I use it for recipes and articles and it works out really well in my opinion.
    Love the crochet squares! I totally fell of the wagon half way through my first one but look at what you accomplished!!

    • We are part of a pretty big community here in the city and in fact, I wasn’t even going to be a sponsor this year, but there was a huge need for sponsors and I was chased down to do it. 🙂 it was a big class this year!!
      I’m totally going to have to check out that app! Sounds easy enough.

    • I love your book list! As Eliot gets older, I definitely want to employ it. It does get easier, I can tell, as babies turn into tots and tots into kids. Eliot is finally starting to understand harder concepts and become a better sharer, so I feel like we aren’t far off from the concept of mercy!

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