7QT – nesting, reading, and domestic stuff

I wanted to do a chapter in the life post, but realistically, I knew I wouldn’t have the time to blog it. So I’ll stick to 7qt format and actually manage to blog a little. 

1) Tomorrow is Daniel’s birthday! I’ve forgotten it in years past so I made extra effort to remember this year and I actually have his gift already! I know, what a terrible spouse to forget a bday…in my defense, I was working a 10 hr shift that day and I remembered it by 5 pm!! I brought home balloons and dinner and the present was only a few days late… anyway, for this bday, we are celebrating with fire roasted hotdogs, pies, and good friends! I’m looking forward to it. 

2) I’m still doing Jen’s challenge but I probably won’t blog an entire post about week 3 because I’m so behind. But week 3 was about surprise and spontaneity for your spouse. While I wanted to go all out and book a trip to a drive through safari to feed exotic animals, the logistics just didn’t work out. So instead, I picked up a card and wrote him a letter’s worth of lovey wife stuff in it, and I could tell it made his day. Still focusing on the small stuff, I took Jen’s suggestion and told Daniel to go out sometime after work this week and do something he loves! Obviously it’s the movies. He will go either on Saturday or Tuesday and I’ll watch the kid, take care of the house and encourage him to get a beer after his movie. It seemed like the best rest for him since he’s been taking care of nighttimes with Eliot and has been wanting to go out with friends for a while. I’ve also been trying to keep the house clean and be as loving in that actions way as possible, because I truly feel that my taking on our life diligently with no complaint is a big surprise for Daniel, especially while pregnant. To be honest, I’m happy to do it. 

3) I’m still nesting big time. Want a list of tasks I feel I must accomplish in my nesting craze?

  • Paint the living room, kitchen, and dining area (Daniels totally helping big time)
  • Organize the baby clothes
  • Organize multiple mom’s group functions
  • Create a rope Moses basket for the baby by hand
  • Continue making baby hats like crazy
  • Plant lettuce, basil, zinnias, rosemary, and lavender 
  • Pin all the resources for raised garden beds
  • Decide on a paint color for the office
  • Rearrange Eliot’s room for the baby too
  • Decide on paint colors for the bathroom
  • Way too much research in EVERY KIND OF BACKYARD ANIMAL
  • Do all the laundry
  • Buy a new rug
  • Move furniture around
  • Arrange the gallery wall
  • Take and print family photos
  • Frame them
  • Etc, etc, ETC!!!

I have a sickness, y’all…

4) speaking of baby…want know what we are having? A BABY GIRL!!!! We are rounded out now 2 boys and 2 girls in the family. I can’t wait for her to get here! I sorted all of Eliot’s newborn clothes though and almost cried because mommy hormones are no joke combined with the realization that Eliot is no longer a baby. But I’m going to pass them on, minus a few pieces I’ll keep for future boys or for me to snuggle with and cry over when I’m an empty nester. I’m enjoying my stash of girl clothes though and my friend has invited me to go with her and her mom to a big children’s consignment sale in march, so I’m really looking forward to that!!

5) jen at Into Your Will and I are starting a crochetalong for the month of march doing a specific granny square pattern and I’m thrilled to start! I don’t even know what colors im going to do yet, but I’m excited!!

6) I’m still loving spring time and looking out my windows to see the beautiful blooms on the trees. I just love when they start budding and you can see life everywhere. Spring is such a wonderful reminder of the resurrection and of hope. It’s definitely my favorite season. 

7) I ordered “The Everyday Sacrament – the Messy Grace of Parenting” yesterday and I’m excited to FINALLY read it. I’m also finishing up “Good Families Don’t Just Happen.” It’s a really good book on family dynamic and raising wholesome children. “Parenting with Grace” is also on my currently reading shelf but I’m reading it with Daniel, so it’s a little slow. It’s the parenting book I recommend the most!

Thanks for reading today!!


4 thoughts on “7QT – nesting, reading, and domestic stuff

  1. Visiting from Kelly’s SQT. You have the nesting thing bad! (Feel free to come nest at my house– I have a few thousand projects you could work on! Though maybe nesting doesn’t work quite that way…) Congratulations on #4.

    • Hey! Thanks! I don’t know, this time around, I just have to stay busy no matter what! Haha
      #4 is actually just my second child, as I counted my hubby and I as part of the boy girl teams. But I hope to have 4 one day!

  2. So are those all things you’ve done or are thinking about doing?! Because major props if you’ve done them all! I felt tired just reading the list, ha.

    Gosh, I love the fact that you told Daniel to go somewhere after work. I need to do that too! It’s so hard for me to be willing (I mean, without grumbling to myself) to let Logan do something at night because I already have nights where he’s at work (and dealing with 3 kids solo during witching hour, dinner, AND bedtime) so that’s actually kind of perfect if he did something right after work and made it home in time for bedtime at least. Thank you for that idea!! It really is the little things when it comes to our hubbies 🙂

    • Some of the things are completed (planting all the seeds, organizing the clothes and all that jazz) and some things are total WIPs (painting, making the bassinet). It’s the 2nd trimester though and Eliot is at a mostly easy stage right now, so I can’t imagine how I would feel handling all this pregnant with a third with 2 others to care for!

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