A Month for your Marriage link up (football togetherness)

Jen is doing a fabulous link up, called “a month for your marriage” and the link up for the first challenge is up until Monday! Go do it! Or jump in anywhere in the middle! She’s doing a new theme every week for the month of February and considering valentines is a few days away, this is the perfect thing for those February blues. Now, since I’ve procrastinated for several days already in posting about our first week, I’ll go ahead and stop to smell the roses on the old blog. 

The first challenge was about being together, spending time together and not allowing a “creeping separateness” come into play. She described how marriages can often fail because couples slowly drift apart and don’t focus on doing things together, but get more into the individual “my own hobbies and interests” mindset. Now anybody who knows me in person knows that I’m the clingiest person IN THE UNIVERSE, so Daniel would totally have to be trying to thwart me for us to have a creeping separation. Lol, sorry Daniel. I just loooove being with you!

But I took this challenge to mean, don’t just ask Daniel to spend time doing something I want to do, instead, focus on his interests too. I can’t say that we did much different than our average routine, mainly because I try to be with Daniel pretty constantly (I mean we had a couples wedding shower and a couples baby shower because we like to be together so much). But there are a few things I hold the line on in our marriage when it comes to “nope, I don’t wanna do that, I would rather be eaten alive by sharks.” Interestingly enough, it’s all tv stuff. I love watching tv. But I have always hated Batman movies and sports. And most movies. And guy shows. And “oh man, something else just blew up” movies. And shows… meh, you get the picture. 

So this past week, I decided to watch my first football game, attempt to understand and enjoy it, and spend time with my honey that way. We ate Super Bowl food, and I sort of understood the game, and I stayed for the whole thing! Daniel and I always watch formula one together, and we’ve never been big into other sports, but when Daniel told me that he wanted to get into football, I made the decision to join him so that we can spend more time together. I opened my mind enough to be able to enjoy the aspects that everyone can enjoy about football, food and commercials, and I feel like it was an enjoyable experience getting to be a part of Daniel’s life and getting to know him a little better. It was fun to watch him be a regular guy and enjoy the game! 

In addition to football, I also drove him to work a couple times this week just so that we could spend time together and talk in the car, (parents, y’all) and I could run my errands early. 

I’m excited to do this week’s challenge too and I’m loving this idea because I think marriage needs a support group and “check ins” from time to time. It’s nice to remember to focus on your spouse and keep him in mind. When doing something like this, it makes it so much easier to remember to pray for your spouse too since you’re thinking about him more during the day. I struggle to remember to pray for Daniel pretty often, but it is something I’m hoping to change this year. 


2 thoughts on “A Month for your Marriage link up (football togetherness)

  1. Yay, thanks for linking up! Love this post so much – I was giggling at your clinginess and aversion to guy movies/sports. And it’s so cute how y’all love spending time together! You watching football reminded me of how Logan is a big NASCAR fan and I used to think it was SO DUMB when we were dating (I mean, it’s just cars driving around, right?!) but now I actually don’t mind watching races with him. (And it’s not just cars driving around, turns out! Ha.)

    Aaaand you’re so right about praying for our spouses – I could definitely be better about that. I literally just started reading “The Power of a Praying Wife” this morning because I need the reminder!

    • Wow I’m so bad about comments! I meant to reply. Oh well.. I read the praying wife book a few years ago and it really helped me to be able to think more intentionally and specifically where my spouse is concerned. We know we are supposed to pray for our loved ones, but we don’t always know how! And I think that book gives you a lot of suggestions and ideas which help you to keep a godly focus on your spouse! It’s a great read.

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