How we Celebrate the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul

January 25th is the feast day of St. Paul, the apostle. He happens to be the confirmation saint of my dear husband, and so we make a point every year to remember his day, celebrate, and ask for the intercession of continuing conversion. When I have scoured the internet each year in search of ideas for the feast of Saint Paul’s conversion, I never really come up with anything, so we have gotten creative yet kept it simple. 

This year, we were fortunate to have beautiful weather for grilling and having a picnic, so we took advantage of it! Paul was born in Tarsus, so when in doubt, we try to make food in the likeness of the saint’s birthplace. Hence these Turkish kabobs, side of hummus, and bread. 

We read about Paul’s conversion in the Bible and prayed a litany, and then we just enjoyed a picnic on our patio. Simple feast days are my favorite. 

St. Paul the apostle, pray for us!


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