December 2016 (in pictures)

5 dollar zoo days when it’s cold (at least to Texans).

A few brave souls from the mom’s group decided to go and Daniel and I jumped on board! It wasn’t disappointing. 

These silly giraffes were eating the fence, which I’m sure will soon need replacing, but were friendly enough and the zoo staff generous enough to let little ones pet them!

I can’t believe how big this guy is and what a helper he is these days. He’s just learned “cheese” for photos and loves wearing hats when it is cold! I just made this new woolen hat for him because he has already outgrown the one from a few months ago. I’m already enjoying two Christmas presents this year–the beautiful handmade Christmas tree skirt from my talented mother that I’m so excited to have as an heirloom for my kids one day, and these super cozy pajamas which I basically live in from a sweet friend. Christmas and flannel, can it get any better? 🙂Eliot has very much enjoyed spending time with this silly creature who tolerated him and his affectionate hugs for a week with minimal grumbling. 

I am really looking forward to Christmas and the new year! 2017 looks promising, but no matter what, I’m excited to see the beauty that lives in each year.