First scenes of fall

October in Texas doesn’t mean TOO much in terms of authentic fall weather, but it does mean that we all wait happily in anticipation whilst feeling a few teaser breezes. Most people wait breathlessly with pumpkin spice lattes (I still haven’t tried one!) and cinnamon apple candles (I’m enjoying some of that right now). We bought a pumpkin the other day and I’m thinking about putting up some fall decor! Autumn in Texas is slow, like the drawls that we are known for in this vast state. 


A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 23)

Family News

Let’s see if I can sum up recent life quickly in just a few words so that I can get to the good stuff (i.e. Eliot’s hilarity)–it’s a laughable feat as all who know me know that I write novels worth of texts, emails, and posts…regardless, I’ll try!

I’ve learned two new recipes which have been feeding us, splendidly, while grocery budgets have been tight! Lentil soup, which Daniel hates because it is a soup and Eliot loves because it is messy, and soda biscuits which are a favorite to all and I cannot manage to have any leftover from the meal I made them for as both boys in this house scarf them with butter, jam, and cheese. I’m actually discovering that if I plan on recipes yielding several meals worth, I have to double and sometimes triple the recipe! (#lifewithboys) I’m also discovering that I’m going to need to find a more efficient way to buy flour because at this rate, I’m buying it every week! On the one hand, it makes me feel all “lark rise” like Emma Timmins baking constantly, but on the other hand, good gracious can boys eat or WHAT?


I made a photo book from shutterfly as I received a free coupon for an 8 by 8 from them to use until the end of September and let’s be honest, heirloom scrapbooks may as well be what the road to hell is paved with so let’s all just do the digital ones… Scrapbooks are the good intentions which almost never come about! Except in the case of my amazing mom. She scrapbooked at least two books per kids AND family albums as we grew up. It was quite amazing. I could never live up to that! Anyhow, I forgot to change my address in shutterfly and so my book got sent to our old place. Fortunately, the office of our old place had the package so we were able to get it and the hours I spent arranging photos didn’t go to waste! I once babysat for two little girls whose mother made those photo books quarterly for EACH OF THEM as they grew up. She had dozens of them that all matched. I always feel like a failure when I think of that… Oh well. 😛

So Eliot is getting old enough that he’s beginning to show off how his little mind works, and there are things about this stage that I just don’t want to forget. I’m going to try to record them in a little bit more organized of a way in my chapter in a life posts.

Eliot Hayden – 15 months


Words: “All done.” – “aw duh!” “Bye bye.” “buh byeee.” “Dog.” “daw.” “Duck.” “Duuuuh.” “Thank you.” “tiiiiikiiii!” (<—-huh?)

Things that make us laugh: “Eliot, don’t you smile.” *huge cheesy smiles right away*

“Eliot, we have to vacuum, want to help?” *shakes head, but runs off and gets a plastic baseball bat and then imitates vacuuming* Note: We count to three before we turn on the vacuum because if we don’t, he usually cries. With a little preparation, he can handle it and takes the job of vacuum helper very seriously with no smiles.

*Theme song to any of the familiar shows we watch in the house* *Eliot runs out from the other room, stands in front of the tv, and dances until it’s over, and then returns to whatever he’s doing*

“I’m going to get you!” *Eliot, stomps his feet and runs like a penguin with a very pronounced excited squeak*

“Can I have a kiss?” *Eliot shakes his head* “Okay, well then I’m going to get a kiss from daddy (or mommy) instead.” *we kiss* *Eliot scrambles into one of our laps, reaches up with both hands and directs (*cough* forces *cough*) whomever’s head towards his face to give a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss.*

Milestones: Too many teeth to count, including molars! He also climbs up the stairs at the playground, but doesn’t know how to get down, so he does a “trust fall.” 😉 He also claps his hands together after we do the sign of the cross and says, “A!” for amen.

Lovely Reads on the Internet: 

Should we Really Marry our Best Friend – Verily Magazine – I really adored this article and how real the women were about being married to their best friend and why it’s lovely. Although I have to admit that Daniel and I do share the love of the same sport and we have more similar interests than not! (Psst, I even smoked a cigar with the man the other night and he watched Gilmore Girls with me!) I think most people aren’t weirdly similar the way that Daniel and I are, and while sometimes, I think it can be difficult being so similar, I enjoy sharing my likes and dislikes with my hubby! We’re just weird though.

I suppose that’s all for today. Thanks for reading and peace be with you!