7 ways to get motivated

Laziness — it gets us all… Especially when you’re accustomed to being lazy because you HAVE to take it easy! For the last nine months due to health issues, I’ve slowly had to decrease my activity until I could do nothing but lie still and watch endless amounts of television for distraction. It was like going into a really slow coma, and I’m trying to figure out how to do life again. 

On the one hand, life is easy now! On the other, it’s difficult for me to make a new routine and break habits. I’ve been falling back on A Mother’s Rule of Life for inspiration again and my biggest scheduling nightmare is turning off the *really want to use a word for emphasis here* TV. As that is one of my biggest problems right now, I count myself blessed. Three months ago, I never would have thought I would be right here, painless, and trying to stop watching TV. But I am! So here are my best tips for getting motivated and getting out of the lazy slump!

1) STOP. Drop. And pray a rosary. 

 This year, I’ve allowed myself to hold onto my rosary for dear life, and now I find myself using it to break bad habits. When I feel tempted, I say a Hail Mary, and when I realize I need to stop watching the television, I turn it off, grab my Rosary, and get a healthy dose of perspective in the form of that day’s mysteries. There is such power and such grace in those mysteries, try it!

2) Take a walk! 

  A little sunshine always freshens my mind and helps me to gain clarity, especially if I have been worrying. Now that we live in a walkable area, I’m loving our stroller walks to the park, to get froyo, or to just simply get out and see some squirrels. 

3) Read a few pages of an inspiring book! 

  Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, or even a magazine, reading helps me feel inspired. Depending upon what sort of inspiration I need, I choose what I read. Magazines help me if I have to run errands. Weird, I know. It reminds me the world doesn’t stop! Fiction helps me clean house. It makes me want things to be cozy. Non-fiction make me want to better myself. Pretty self explanatory. 

4) Take a shower. 

  If you’re feeling blue, uninspired, unmotivated and or lazy, it’s likely you haven’t showered. Just do it, don’t put it off anymore. (Says one unshowered person to another!)

5) Get a healthy debate going.

   A little debate can go a long way in the energy sense! Talk about current issues, discuss your favorite superheroes, regale your person with stories of your favorite fictional characters and why they deserve to be your favorite! It will make you ready to use your energy toward cleanliness and kitchen work! 😉

6) Listen to something.

  Whether it is an audiobook, a podcast, or a music album, listening has helped me to focus my mind. If you need some suggestions, I recommend the Read Aloud Revival podcast and the Messy Parenting podcast, and I believe you can get a free trial subscription to audible for books! I also love Librivox because you can listen to books in the public domain for free! I have listened to many a Jane Austen book that way (Karen Savage is, by far, the best volunteer reader). The great thing about listening is that you can have your hands free for laundry, baby care, washing dishes, etc!

7) Make a clean break. 

  If all else fails, stop everything. Stop watching, stop listening, stop the technology and lock your phone away. No Facebook, no social media, no texting, no calls! A blackout of media is difficult to do in this age, but worth it if you can just give it up for an hour. We are so tethered, especially to our phones, and constantly living in anxiety and waiting for our pocket master to ring! You will feel loads lighter if you make a clean break for a little while to recharge and enjoy things without media. We are so much more than our screens tell us that we are, and sometimes it is good to remember who we are apart from them. 

Those are my best tips for getting inspired to stop the laziness. What are yours?


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