7QT – labyrinth to hell, pestilence pony, and Daniel Tiger therapy

Anybody ready for my first 7 quick takes? It seems like the perfect format for the tangled insanity that makes up the pathways of my mind…I was just telling Daniel that I finally understand what people mean by “mom brain.” It’s almost as bad as pregnancy brain (remember that?)!

1. Don’t let your license expire. It’s a pain. And make sure you update your address. After four months of attempting to get it renewed via the “ease of the internet,” the phone, and lastly in person, it is finally here. But only after hanging out in a claustrophobic line with fifty other people, that the lovely people at the dps routed down a labyrinth of halls I was sure was going to lead me to hell itself. In the end, it was actually a complicated loop, which dumped me out ten feet from the start of the behind an ominous curtain. I repeat, don’t let it expire!

2. I finally splurged on “Parenting with Grace” when I bought “Divine Mercy for Moms” for my mom’s book study off of Amazon. I haven’t started the latter but the former is so inspiring and helpful! It focuses on parenting with the theology of the body and the bits I read to Daniel were great enough that he is reading it too!

3. We are officially unpacked! It’s so nice to have more space, and a yard! Daniel has already constructed a little swing for Eliot in the back, but it’s a bit too old for him right now. Good news, there’s a park within 5 minutes walking distance, so even though we function with one car, Eliot and I can still get out of the house. He’s a big fan of the baby swings!

4. Eliot and I watched our first “Daniel Tiger” episode and I’m pretty sure we are hooked. I’ve been singing, “when you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a breath, and count to four,” all afternoon as Eliot has a tantrum and it stops him immediately. Daniel joked that perhaps the mad episode was good therapy for him as an adult too and he felt better already. The jingles are so catchy!

5. I scored a toy kitchen with a generous basketful of play food for twenty five bucks off of craigslist and then my wonderful father in law and spouse went to pick it up in the midst of our move! It’s been a big hit around here. Eliot’s favorite item is actually the little tea pot, and it warms my heart.

6. We also scored a new kitchen table for fifteen bucks that had been used as a craft table so all it needs is a little love and imagination to be something great! Daniel and I are loving the ability to have projects again.

7. So after seventeen years of ease in the stomach virus department, pestilence pony made a visit to the Salisbury household… I was crippled to a nasty bug that is apparently going around and was ill for TEN WHOLE DAYS. It was 10 days of gatorade, broth, crackers, the miniseries adaption of Emma, Lark Rise to Candleford, Gilmore Girls, and way too many avengers/superhero movies while my house turned into to chaos and Eliot went streaking through the house sans diaper. I was just starting to put weight back on from my recent health stuff, so now I have to start over and it’s all a bit frustrating but I’m mainly thankful to be better! I now know what mothers live in fear of entering their households! Yikes.

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “7QT – labyrinth to hell, pestilence pony, and Daniel Tiger therapy

  1. We love Daniel Tiger! The jingles really are helpful. And Lark Rise to Candleford is just so very lovely. (My youngest daughter is named Laura, because I just couldn’t do Dorcs). Lark Rise, after all, is my one weakness.

  2. Im sorry to hear you were sick!! But happy for you that the move is over and you are settled in, you came to mind earlier today and I was wondering how your Salisbury household was doing these day!
    God Bless!

    • Hey Amy! Thanks for thinking of us, we are doing so well right now! Sickness is over, thank goodness, and life seems to be stabling. Hope you and the family are well, I miss your blogging!

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