Now that I’m not dealing with overwhelming health stuff, I really am finding myself catching up on marveling. Does that ever happen to you? I remember being in bed and thinking, “I want this all to be over so that I can just slow down and enjoy the little things about parenthood.” God heard my plea, and now we are all enjoying such wonderful, deliberate, slow, meandering days just in time for toddlerhood. *cue time outs* In addition to the tantrum time outs, we’re taking on a whole new meaning to the words “time out” and observing the wondrous curiosity, joy, and love that this little guy has for life! Let’s marvel over the faces of Eliot, shall we?


While Daniel was graduating, I snapped a bunch of photos of the day, but never got a chance to really look at them. I’m glad I did, now, when I can finally stop and look! I love their relationship!


Cheese grinning it up with chalk all over his body. Look at that ham!


Even the pooched out sad face just makes me grin like a fool! This was back before he could walk and was crawling everywhere. I do believe he got stuck between the rocker and oversized chair, and that’s why he was crying. Don’t worry, I got him unstuck right after documenting the sad face. 😉


Can we talk about this hair? Is it there, is it not? Whatever it is, it’s fine and fuzzy and uneven and I ADORE IT.


Those little red cheeks and that big ol’ pot belly! Classic toddler.


Anybody want to stick their fingers in between those teeth? I didn’t think so…the rewards of us all hanging on during the teething!


New FAVORITE picture.  Those eyes are so full of life and joy and just gazing at this photo makes me forget all the crazy that comes along with parenting.

Life is precious and amazing.


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