A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 22)

It’s been almost three months since a chapter in the life, so I owe my readership an explanation! 

Family News

Whew…tired just from trying to think back to what needs to be updated… Where are we? Ummm… Oh yes, so, I have been dealing with this health problem–hence the lack of posting and the miserable dark place posts I’ve allowed to sneak on here. I created this blog to be my place of honesty, and that is why I have been gone lately. Honestly, life has been really, really hard lately. And I don’t post for a myriad of reasons during hardship, but one being that I know when I struggle to keep perspective and keep the Faith, and the internet is too distracting to be included. It’s better and healthier for me to put my head down and do battle and be present physically in our beautiful Catholic faith, and return to the blogosphere when my spirit is not so very tormented. (Which, I’m happy to report is now! Praise Jesus, all glory be to Him!)

I don’t want to go all into the health thing in detail, but I’ve been dealing with it for about nine months, tried many different approaches to fixing it, and eventually, daily pain levels reached new heights and lengths (almost 11 hrs per day) and we finally decided for me to have surgery! I’ve never been in such a dark, despairing place, and never thought my son’s first year would be so difficult for me. I wish I could say I’ve been consistently fighting with it well (as in my spirit persevering, trusting, and faithful) but it’s been a rollercoaster for me. I’ve been a bit of a rollercoaster. My faith has been on a journey. All I can say to that is, “thank you , God, for the people you gave me to help me and my faith through this challenge.”

As of now, a week post surgery, it’s looking like I may be on the mend, and I still struggle to trust. (Pray for me!) But I’m thankful everyday for less and less pain, my husband who has very much been fulfilling those old marital vows, and the ability for me to play ridiculous games with my goofball of a little boy. 


yes, that is our xmas tree stand…gee, someone should probably put away the xmas stuff by July at least!

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me through the hard parts, now onto more life! The other news is that we are finally moving! I’m so excited about our new little rent house and of course have my head full of long term DIY projects to do. Pinterest party!! We move in two weeks and I’m not looking forward to packing, although all of the decluttering I’ve done this year should come in handy.

Thursday, I got to go back to my mother’s group which I haven’t been able to go to in ages, and I was once more convinced that mothers need community, no matter how introverted. I’m so thankful for those women, many of whom I don’t even know very well. Let me just say how amazing it is to have my parish mom’s group! We got meals all throughout the week of my surgery from moms I’ve never even met who dropped off food for my family on three days notice! Talk about Christ-like! I’ve been really humbled by their charity and compassion!

I guess the biggest news of all is that WE WEANED ELIOT!!! You know that point you get to that you just don’t even care, pop a boob out in public, and just generally feel like a cow? Yeah, I thought we would never wean him, but it happened in one week (due to my needing to be able to take medication for a while). It’s been a whole new world for me. Can you say margarita time? Eliot has also been working out a lot of his sleep issues since he doesn’t nurse at night anymore! I slept on the couch for ten days so that he would not smell my milk and Daniel has been an amazingly supportive spouse/father, taking over nighttime care. As much as I’ve been SO READY to not be nursing, there is that cliché mom feeling that occasionally rises up in me where I sort of want to start crying because my baby isn’t a baby anymore. Totally saw that coming… But hey, margaritas! 

I would add more to this sparse post, but I’m typing on my phone (anybody else have the issue of laptops with children? That dynamic so doesn’t work right now…) and it would take me to my deathbed to type all that I’ve got in my head on a touch screen. God bless computer keys. How about some pics? (Speaking of which, has anyone tried Groove Books to have a hard copy of their phone pics? I want to try it!)  


sunglasses 👌☀️😎



2 thoughts on “A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 22)

  1. So, so happy you’re doing better sweet friend!!! Praise God!!! AND, I’m so happy for you (and a bit jealous!) that you’re moving into a rent house! How exciting! I yearn more and more each day for that day to come for me. 😛 Our upstairs neighbor is unbearably heavy-footed!

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