The Tuesday Ten: Thoughts of a mother during hardship and trial

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s get real with ten facts, thoughts, and bits of our busy days no matter where we are in life.

1) How on earth are there so many Cheerios/pops/goldfish/crackers all over the floor in every room? They will think I’m allergic to vacuuming! #embarrassed 

2) Friendship such as this is more than I deserve. #dontcareaboutthemess

3) Why must I endure this suffering on the front lines of my child’s growing up years? #bestill #offeritup

4) Let this be for something more, and something beautiful. #idontunderstand #psalm91

5) So glad I chose him for my husband and father of my baby. #insicknessandinhealth #overandoverbaby

6) How many tv shows have I watched? #netflixbinge #newrecord

7) Keep calm and accept ten thousand sloppy, drooling, open mouthed, baby kisses and all the hugs. #mothersandsons

8) When did I last shower? #shavingisformenright

9) Family rallies in tough times. #moms #ofallkinds 

10) Hail Mary, full of Grace, The Lord is with thee… #prayforusnow 

  11) BONUS: New sunglasses and my humpday shirt make me feel fabulous no matter what. #thelittlethings 


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