A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 21)

I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve done one of these (February!) so bear with me!

Family News

I suppose the biggest news around here is that Daniel graduated with his Masters in May! I can’t believe we are finally through the school phase. I think we are both a bit shell shocked. It was a lovely weekend, filled with friendly faces, and good times. Eliot giggled about halfway through the graduation, but hey, an over two hour ceremony with no crying? Yes please!

The next biggest news is that Eliot walks! I struggle to keep shoes on him, but I’m slowly coming to terms with it as long as he has socks on. He enjoys making the old ladies at church ooh and ah over his new found ability. 

Sorry, super grainy photo… Daniel and I are in a battle of the lights pretty constantly in the evenings. He likes very little light and I get grumpy and start to show age because I can’t see anything. We also still disagree over the temperature of our home, so the war rages on. *shrugs*

Eliot’s other milestones and developments include high fives, head butting, upside baby (he tips his head way back) and a never ending love of peekaboo. He’s also fascinated with eyes and we have to work pretty hard to keep him from poking ours when we lay down with him. He has gotten very attached to one of his stuffed animals that we named Softy Kitty, and he does this adorable squishy hug with Softy and squeals with delight when he sees him. Softy has a really long tail so he uses it to drag Softy around wherever he goes but he sometimes gets tangled up and then screams in anger. Eliot has also decided that drinks are fair game, and no matter what it is, he shrieks at us to give him a sip. I’m impressed that he handles regular cups so well!

The mothers group at church has continued on, but I haven’t been able to attend in a while, so I’m looking forward to trying to make that work again. I did sign up to take a meal to our small group leader who just had her second child. I signed up through mealtrain.com and I think it’s a wonderful internet service! It even gives you meal train etiquette so you don’t end up with well meaning but exhausting people staying at your house forever as they drop off a meal. 

Becoming a Better Reader

I’m still reading a lot, and my energy is now focused on True Devotion to Mary by Louis De Montfort which is wonderful! It going to be one of those repeat reads because it’s jam packed.

Liturgical Living

We celebrated St. Joan’s day with our traditional monte cristos and I also made French onion soup. It was delicious. We prayed a litany and then we ate, and Eliot enjoyed all the food. It was a great feast day that reminded us how much we want to get back to feasting with the saints!

 That’s all I have today. There have been some great links that I would love to share, but I’m typing on my phone (whenever I get the computer out, Eliot tries to get the cord) and I really find it difficult to share links from the phone… Anyway, I hope you all are well and wishing you the peace of Christ!


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