Scenes from a Grateful Heart

Eliot is getting closer and closer to his one year old birthday, and with all that age, he’s also grown out of his car seat. I had no idea that stepping into the baby store to buy the next one was going to trigger as strong of a reaction but I definitely came home and shed some tears. This year has flown by and I’m so excited to see my little guy gaining independence and confidence, but I am nostalgic. 


This was a stare down with several chickens.


Drunk smile given out every time he wakes up.


you guys…. he WALKS!!!




He also loves selfies.


And the rare cookie shared with Dad post Mass service.

I am so grateful to be this little guy’s mama.



4 thoughts on “Scenes from a Grateful Heart

  1. He is such a cutie! I am so blown away that he is walking!! Its the most incredible thing that they go from bean in the tummy to walking little person in (what seems like) the blink of eye!!

  2. Love!!!! He’s so precious! I can’t wait to see him! It hurts my heart that I haven’t seen him since September! He’s practically a grown man now! 😉

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