Scenes from a Grateful Heart

Eliot is getting closer and closer to his one year old birthday, and with all that age, he’s also grown out of his car seat. I had no idea that stepping into the baby store to buy the next one was going to trigger as strong of a reaction but I definitely came home and shed some tears. This year has flown by and I’m so excited to see my little guy gaining independence and confidence, but I am nostalgic. 


This was a stare down with several chickens.


Drunk smile given out every time he wakes up.


you guys…. he WALKS!!!




He also loves selfies.


And the rare cookie shared with Dad post Mass service.

I am so grateful to be this little guy’s mama.



Word of the Year (a halfway through update)

Cultivate – the word I chose for this year. A word to help me to refocus and hone my skills. A word easily applied to any category. Mothering, reading, crafting, cooking, loving, praying, etc… This past season has been full of challenges that I didn’t know I would face, so the way in which I’ve been living out the word I chose looks differently than I thought it would look. Instead of cultivating the more tactile categories (like sewing, cooking, and drawing), I’ve had to focus on the inward categories. Prayer and reading have been two huge areas that just naturally came to the forefront in the midst of the challenges we’ve been facing. Not only the stress of grad school coming to a close, but the stress of health troubles, and learning how to be a loving mother to a busy, clingy toddler.

But now, it’s a new season. Summer is approaching at breakneck speed, and my sweet spouse walked across the stage last week and said goodbye to that chapter of his life and hello to a new one. My health is slowly improving, and I’ve been cultivating a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. More exercise, less grouchiness, more home cooked meals, even if they are simple, and less ungratefulness. As this new chapter begins in our life, I’m starting to look forward to honing in some physical skills too.

Sitting in my mother’s sun room while I type this, I’m very aware of what she has cultivated in her family–in myself… It’s all around me, in the piano keyboard, in the books like the screwtape letters, and the pilgrims progress… in the serger, sewing machine, and thread… in the countless balls of yarn, the puzzles, the craft supplies, and scrapbooks… She’s cultivated a love of learning, and a desire for knowledge of how things work. She’s cultivated a want of a variety of skills, and a push to always better oneself. Now that Daniel has some free time again, I’m getting really excited to let my creative side run wild for a little while every few days.

This sun room is like my own personal candy shop and I don’t know what I’m going to dive into first…But I do know that whether or not I get to cultivate these creative, tactile skills, I want to pass this lifestyle down to my own children. I want to cultivate a life of learning and love. For now, until I may let my fingers flow through some airy cotton feeding through a sewing machine, I’m going to satisfy myself with these thoughts and continue feeding my mind.