Currently… (April 2016)

Listening to one of my closest friends chat with me on Whatsapp (thanks to another blogging friend, Amy, for introducing me to the app and feature).

Reading My Life in France when I get a spare moment (usually ten minutes or so in the bathtub). Such a colorful biography!

Watching too much tv. I need to cut back again. But I also recently enjoyed Daredevil. And Daniel and I are having fun watching this year’s Formula 1 Racing. They introduced an American team and they’re doing really pretty well!

Stitching a hat for Eliot but I’m only in the pattern cutting stage. It’s very difficult to sew with a baby. Much easier to pick up crochet, which I am also stitching up a baby blanket. 

Pinning recipes because of my current read. Yum. 

Eating fried fish (cod to be specific). It’s my newfound love!

Drinking a looooooot of water. Water cures a multitude of ills! It’s much easier to get my intake if I drink a glass right away in the morning (if I start right, I keep it up all day) and if I drink it cold and filtered. 

Loving the moments where I can actually see my baby figure something out for the first time (standing, fish face, mimicking sounds).

Feeling giddy when I think about being his mother. 

Hoping things will calm down soon so he can get more sleep. 

Wishing I had a tablet and mini keyboard to make blogging easier since I seem to only blog at 2:00 am in bed now. I also seem to hit publish way too soon on this tiny screen which is annoying. 

Enjoying the camera my mom lent me, even if I still need to figure out how to use it properly (when I get time to read the book).

Needing more time at Church. Do you ever feel that way? I miss Mass, Adoration, and even Confession! #catholicconvertalert

Looking forward to seeing my oldest brother, his wife, and their children (one of which being my goddaughter) in a few weeks. We live far apart, so I haven’t seen them in several years!

Thinking about all of my dear, wonderful friends, both new and old, and praying for all of them! I’m so glad to have my friends. 

Waiting not so patiently to move to our new place. 

What’s your currently look like? Copy/paste and type your own if you’re so inclined!


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