Four Lessons in Mothering worth Learning

Hello, my little, yet loyal, readership! I’m going to start small this fine early morning as an effort keep myself accountable to blog even while in the “blaaaahhhs,” or “uuuuugggghhhhhsss” of life. Exciting adventure is dormant in our little existence right now, and I find it difficult to write when there seems to be no inspiration. But, while our life is ordinary (and full of mundane stress) I hope to see some brightness in the lessons learned through this exercise. If you’re looking for new, hip, colorful expressions of SAHM life, this is not the blog for you… I can promise you an honest outlook on the mothering lessons I have been experiencing, which have been recorded by many women better than yours truly. Are you game? Okay! (And I apologize to email subscribers, who just got a notification of an unfinished new post…*grumble grumble phone typing, phone app grumble* Sorry!)

Sleep traing sucks. But a good nap makes everything better. I can’t stress it enough, that nap time is the king card of a happy sleeper. If the king is neglected, the peasants suffer nightly while the little tyrannical prince screams, thrashes, and demands teddy grams.

Speaking of sleep… Dress baby appropriately for sleep! Because when your husband makes the place so cold that fleece pants are not warm enough in the Texas summer, it’s very probable that the t shirt and diaper that the baby is wearing is not warm enough. I totally did this right away and certainly did NOT take a month to figure this one out… Moving on!

This one could also relate to sleep, but really applies to everything. You-time is freaking important. Emphasis on the freaking. If you know you need recharge-alone time before you have a baby—that doesn’t go away… Getting thirty minutes to an hour of happy, do-whatever-you-want-alone time everyday is vital to my patience levels. It’s the difference between laughing at the ten month old’s playful, siren-like screeches and sobbing about the teeth-scraping, biting of those things housed in that thing in your shirt that used to be pretty and lacy but is now the horrendous mullet of the undergarment world. *sigh* Get your time! And some new bras!

Leave the dishes—read a book! It’s important to clean, but it’s important to nurture your brain too. Stop doing the dishes during nap time that you can happily do while a little one bangs on pots and pans and instead choose some inspirational reading! I like to read my “mom books” during this time to feed my brain perspective on the hard parts of family life and I try to do my spiritual reading in the morning. Actually, I would like to change the title of this section to suck it, Clean Dishes… I’m breaking up with you because Perspective makes me feel like I’m flying when he’s with me. I hear Folded Laundry is looking for the One…


5 thoughts on “Four Lessons in Mothering worth Learning

    • Such simple lessons, but so necessary!
      I’m finding librivox to be helpful in getting books checked off of my to-read mental checklist! It’s do easy to turn on an audiobook while I walk for exercise, or nap with the little one while it is dark in the bedroom. All that to say, books and motherhood can actually pair quite nicely. Almost as nicely as wine and chocolate! 😉

  1. This can be applicable to anyone! I find myself needing all these things, except for naps. I don’t think I’ll appreciate naps til I’m a mom. I’ve always hated naps and wakeup feeling worse than if I had just trudged through without it. It’s so hard to just allow yourself to chill and do what you want when the sink is full of dishes or the floor needs to be vacuumed. And bras! Oh bras! I only just recently have realized how important bras are! I splurged on some clearance victoria’s secret bras and they are HEAVEN. Love you thoughts as always! 😘

    • I used to hate naps too. I still mostly do unless I’m that kind of dog tired I get if Eliot has had a bad night.
      Victoria secret has the best ones I’ve ever tried although their advertising is pretty disgusting.

  2. haha you are Hilarious Hannah!!! I love it, its so true (except reading… I haven’t figured out how to love reading yet – but lirbivox sure helps!) but the bras part, YES! and the breaking up with dishes so so much, except for now that Brian’s arms in a brace I sort of have to do the dishes… eventually…

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