Thrifty Find and Cute Baby Photos

This blog is opening its eyes in a cold hospital and wiggling its toes while warmth slowly works through all the parts again. It is coming back to life! (Note: Dramatics only to describe the blog…not myself. I’m fine and definitely not in a hospital!)

I have missed blogging. How are you all? I could blog about a lot right now, but for now, I’m just going to say hi and share these cute photos from the camera my mom lent me that feature our newest obsession. This ADORABLE rocking horse!

I feel like the searching out, finding, and thrifting of this rocking horse was some sort of adult check mark. It makes me feel like I’ve reached adulthood that I was able to score such a deal and now get to reap the benefits with my dear little one! Can you believe I got it for twenty-five dollars? It even has cute little pony noises too and Eliot is just fascinated with the thing.


Who doesn’t love a nice sepia, vintage-looking image once in a while?

I always wanted a rocking horse as a child, but now my little one gets to have one!


My little love telling me a story with babbles and clapping.

Eliot is getting BIG, y’all! He babbles with all the inflections, says “Dada” when Daniel comes home, and screeches at me until I pay attention to him. He claps, imitates wolf calls, giggles incessantly about the dog, crawls like a maniac, pulls up on the furniture, rips books out of the bookshelf, deftly picks credit cards out of my buttoned up wallet and hides them, and LOVES to talk to Daddy on facetime while he’s at school. We’re still working on sleep training, and I honestly don’t expect him to be a good sleeper until sometime in the fall. Most of that is my fault for inconsistency (with the health problem I’ve had). We’ve discovered through experimentation that he loves songs with a beat of 120 (which Daniel informs me is 2 beats per second) mainly because he ignores all the music until songs with that kind of beat come on! The songs that fit into that criteria happen to be the credit song to Gilmore Girls, the theme song to Parks and Rec, of course, What Does the Fox Say!

We love nine months around here. It’s a lot of fun, although speaking of which, he’s awake again, so I must away!


Thanks to the hubby for the cute photo of me and the boy!


3 thoughts on “Thrifty Find and Cute Baby Photos

  1. The little rocking horse is so cute!!!! I can’t wait to have little babies so I can buy precious things like that. Thrifty finds are the best!!! Sometimes, I just can’t wait and end up buying them despite my lack of little people that look like me. Did i ever tell you ahout the time at Goodwill that Joe and I found a dollhouse with all the dolls and furniture included for only $10? I bough because,you know, doll houses. We looked up the brand online afterwards to find out that it was all worth over $300! STEAL!!!! I can’t wait to see a little babe playing with it someday soon. Eliot is so precious and I can’t believe how big he’s gotten!!! I love your hair, too!

    • Commenting via phone or tablet takes a lot of dedication! I think they need to come up with a better way to do that for mobile devices, regardless of autocorrect!
      Yes, I saw a picture of it! It’s great! Most resale stores I’ve been to in the last year or so have been a bit disappointing, but Once Upon a Child doesn’t let me down! There’s one near you too, and it’s where Eliot gets the majority of his wardrobe! And yes, he is getting HUGE. His face has rounded out and when he stands he can almost reach my waist if he stretches!
      Thanks! I need to trim my hair already. It’s getting a bit fluffy for my liking.

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