I’m not dead yet!

It’s already April 2nd of 2016? How did that happen?

Our lives in the Salisbury home have been disapparating quicker than Fred and George can in Harry Potter for longer than I care to admit. While I would love nothing more than a quiet blogging afternoon, curled up on the sofa with coffee in hand, I honestly just haven’t had the time! There’s so much I want to write about, so much I would love to update about, and so much I would love to be creative about, but it has just been one thing after the next. I’m currently in recovery from a health thing that has stamped a cease and desist order on what feels like most of my domestic life, so, in the mature fashion, I’m coping by snuggling endlessly with Eliot and watching exhausting amounts of Parks and Rec. So shall life be for the next few weeks (but I don’t count on Parks and Rec lasting longer than a week and a half at most).

Before this disaster, our lives were getting ship shape thanks to A Mother’s Rule of Life and my other mother’s group book! But it will all be here for me to organize when I get better and for now, my health is my job. 

We got to spend Easter going to a special parish for vigil mass and spent some lovely time with sweet Eliot’s godparents though, and we weren’t planning on it. That was definitely a silver lining. 

I don’t have much time for projects either right now, however I finished my dad’s Christmas/birthday scarf and I’m almost finished reading Pride and Prejudice which was a total bonus book for my book list this year! I’ve also been listening to the read aloud revival podcast which is lovely, and I finished listening to the Silos series by Hugh Howey with Daniel. It was such a wonderful sci-fi series. In my opinion, a lot of sci-fi has felt very unapproachable as a woman, but considering the whole first book in the trilogy is from the perspective of a woman who is a very likable protagonist, this series doesn’t seem to follow the same mold! I was captivated throughout the entire series. And as far as current reading, I’m reading another sleep training book (also not on my list–yay!). 

Really that’s as much as I care to update while finger typing on my phone at two in the morning, but I just wanted to stop in to tell all my blogging buddies that I’m still alive, I’ve been praying for you all, and I miss you! Keep me in your prayers too and hopefully life won’t be as boring around The Archives soon. Let me see if I can figure out how to attach photos so I can leave you with some cute in this rambling post!

Peace be with you all!


4 thoughts on “I’m not dead yet!

  1. Nice to hear from you as well! I feel somewhat similar, I have missed feeling connected to all you guys, my blogging buddies, but I know life has phases like this and I am glad things are maybe settling down a little! You have certainly been in my prayers, especially during Easter! And I love staying up with pictures of sweet little Elliot on IG!

    • I’ve been thinking about you a lot, thank you for ALL the prayers! You are definitely my number one blogging friend and I really love that we can share prayers with each other! Hope all is well in the Canada S. household!

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