Currently… (April 2016)

Listening to one of my closest friends chat with me on Whatsapp (thanks to another blogging friend, Amy, for introducing me to the app and feature).

Reading My Life in France when I get a spare moment (usually ten minutes or so in the bathtub). Such a colorful biography!

Watching too much tv. I need to cut back again. But I also recently enjoyed Daredevil. And Daniel and I are having fun watching this year’s Formula 1 Racing. They introduced an American team and they’re doing really pretty well!

Stitching a hat for Eliot but I’m only in the pattern cutting stage. It’s very difficult to sew with a baby. Much easier to pick up crochet, which I am also stitching up a baby blanket. 

Pinning recipes because of my current read. Yum. 

Eating fried fish (cod to be specific). It’s my newfound love!

Drinking a looooooot of water. Water cures a multitude of ills! It’s much easier to get my intake if I drink a glass right away in the morning (if I start right, I keep it up all day) and if I drink it cold and filtered. 

Loving the moments where I can actually see my baby figure something out for the first time (standing, fish face, mimicking sounds).

Feeling giddy when I think about being his mother. 

Hoping things will calm down soon so he can get more sleep. 

Wishing I had a tablet and mini keyboard to make blogging easier since I seem to only blog at 2:00 am in bed now. I also seem to hit publish way too soon on this tiny screen which is annoying. 

Enjoying the camera my mom lent me, even if I still need to figure out how to use it properly (when I get time to read the book).

Needing more time at Church. Do you ever feel that way? I miss Mass, Adoration, and even Confession! #catholicconvertalert

Looking forward to seeing my oldest brother, his wife, and their children (one of which being my goddaughter) in a few weeks. We live far apart, so I haven’t seen them in several years!

Thinking about all of my dear, wonderful friends, both new and old, and praying for all of them! I’m so glad to have my friends. 

Waiting not so patiently to move to our new place. 

What’s your currently look like? Copy/paste and type your own if you’re so inclined!

Four Lessons in Mothering worth Learning

Hello, my little, yet loyal, readership! I’m going to start small this fine early morning as an effort keep myself accountable to blog even while in the “blaaaahhhs,” or “uuuuugggghhhhhsss” of life. Exciting adventure is dormant in our little existence right now, and I find it difficult to write when there seems to be no inspiration. But, while our life is ordinary (and full of mundane stress) I hope to see some brightness in the lessons learned through this exercise. If you’re looking for new, hip, colorful expressions of SAHM life, this is not the blog for you… I can promise you an honest outlook on the mothering lessons I have been experiencing, which have been recorded by many women better than yours truly. Are you game? Okay! (And I apologize to email subscribers, who just got a notification of an unfinished new post…*grumble grumble phone typing, phone app grumble* Sorry!)

Sleep traing sucks. But a good nap makes everything better. I can’t stress it enough, that nap time is the king card of a happy sleeper. If the king is neglected, the peasants suffer nightly while the little tyrannical prince screams, thrashes, and demands teddy grams.

Speaking of sleep… Dress baby appropriately for sleep! Because when your husband makes the place so cold that fleece pants are not warm enough in the Texas summer, it’s very probable that the t shirt and diaper that the baby is wearing is not warm enough. I totally did this right away and certainly did NOT take a month to figure this one out… Moving on!

This one could also relate to sleep, but really applies to everything. You-time is freaking important. Emphasis on the freaking. If you know you need recharge-alone time before you have a baby—that doesn’t go away… Getting thirty minutes to an hour of happy, do-whatever-you-want-alone time everyday is vital to my patience levels. It’s the difference between laughing at the ten month old’s playful, siren-like screeches and sobbing about the teeth-scraping, biting of those things housed in that thing in your shirt that used to be pretty and lacy but is now the horrendous mullet of the undergarment world. *sigh* Get your time! And some new bras!

Leave the dishes—read a book! It’s important to clean, but it’s important to nurture your brain too. Stop doing the dishes during nap time that you can happily do while a little one bangs on pots and pans and instead choose some inspirational reading! I like to read my “mom books” during this time to feed my brain perspective on the hard parts of family life and I try to do my spiritual reading in the morning. Actually, I would like to change the title of this section to suck it, Clean Dishes… I’m breaking up with you because Perspective makes me feel like I’m flying when he’s with me. I hear Folded Laundry is looking for the One…

Thrifty Find and Cute Baby Photos

This blog is opening its eyes in a cold hospital and wiggling its toes while warmth slowly works through all the parts again. It is coming back to life! (Note: Dramatics only to describe the blog…not myself. I’m fine and definitely not in a hospital!)

I have missed blogging. How are you all? I could blog about a lot right now, but for now, I’m just going to say hi and share these cute photos from the camera my mom lent me that feature our newest obsession. This ADORABLE rocking horse!

I feel like the searching out, finding, and thrifting of this rocking horse was some sort of adult check mark. It makes me feel like I’ve reached adulthood that I was able to score such a deal and now get to reap the benefits with my dear little one! Can you believe I got it for twenty-five dollars? It even has cute little pony noises too and Eliot is just fascinated with the thing.


Who doesn’t love a nice sepia, vintage-looking image once in a while?

I always wanted a rocking horse as a child, but now my little one gets to have one!


My little love telling me a story with babbles and clapping.

Eliot is getting BIG, y’all! He babbles with all the inflections, says “Dada” when Daniel comes home, and screeches at me until I pay attention to him. He claps, imitates wolf calls, giggles incessantly about the dog, crawls like a maniac, pulls up on the furniture, rips books out of the bookshelf, deftly picks credit cards out of my buttoned up wallet and hides them, and LOVES to talk to Daddy on facetime while he’s at school. We’re still working on sleep training, and I honestly don’t expect him to be a good sleeper until sometime in the fall. Most of that is my fault for inconsistency (with the health problem I’ve had). We’ve discovered through experimentation that he loves songs with a beat of 120 (which Daniel informs me is 2 beats per second) mainly because he ignores all the music until songs with that kind of beat come on! The songs that fit into that criteria happen to be the credit song to Gilmore Girls, the theme song to Parks and Rec, of course, What Does the Fox Say!

We love nine months around here. It’s a lot of fun, although speaking of which, he’s awake again, so I must away!


Thanks to the hubby for the cute photo of me and the boy!

I’m not dead yet!

It’s already April 2nd of 2016? How did that happen?

Our lives in the Salisbury home have been disapparating quicker than Fred and George can in Harry Potter for longer than I care to admit. While I would love nothing more than a quiet blogging afternoon, curled up on the sofa with coffee in hand, I honestly just haven’t had the time! There’s so much I want to write about, so much I would love to update about, and so much I would love to be creative about, but it has just been one thing after the next. I’m currently in recovery from a health thing that has stamped a cease and desist order on what feels like most of my domestic life, so, in the mature fashion, I’m coping by snuggling endlessly with Eliot and watching exhausting amounts of Parks and Rec. So shall life be for the next few weeks (but I don’t count on Parks and Rec lasting longer than a week and a half at most).

Before this disaster, our lives were getting ship shape thanks to A Mother’s Rule of Life and my other mother’s group book! But it will all be here for me to organize when I get better and for now, my health is my job. 

We got to spend Easter going to a special parish for vigil mass and spent some lovely time with sweet Eliot’s godparents though, and we weren’t planning on it. That was definitely a silver lining. 

I don’t have much time for projects either right now, however I finished my dad’s Christmas/birthday scarf and I’m almost finished reading Pride and Prejudice which was a total bonus book for my book list this year! I’ve also been listening to the read aloud revival podcast which is lovely, and I finished listening to the Silos series by Hugh Howey with Daniel. It was such a wonderful sci-fi series. In my opinion, a lot of sci-fi has felt very unapproachable as a woman, but considering the whole first book in the trilogy is from the perspective of a woman who is a very likable protagonist, this series doesn’t seem to follow the same mold! I was captivated throughout the entire series. And as far as current reading, I’m reading another sleep training book (also not on my list–yay!). 

Really that’s as much as I care to update while finger typing on my phone at two in the morning, but I just wanted to stop in to tell all my blogging buddies that I’m still alive, I’ve been praying for you all, and I miss you! Keep me in your prayers too and hopefully life won’t be as boring around The Archives soon. Let me see if I can figure out how to attach photos so I can leave you with some cute in this rambling post!

Peace be with you all!