The No-Cry Sleep Solution Experiment (Catch up after illness)

So yes, of course a week after I began sleep training, little one get’s sick. He had a fever of 102 and fussed about a sore throat for a week after that, and then we had to travel for a wedding. BUT, I’m back, a month later, and the bits that we’ve been consistent with have really made a difference! Here’s last night’s stats. As usual, if you need a disclaimer and all that fun stuff about different parenting methods, look at the last post I wrote on sleep training.

Bedtime at 8:30, down in the crib by 9 (we are slowly inching his bedtime earlier)

Wake 1: 12:30 a.m. nurse and co-sleep

Wake 2: 1:30 a.m. comfort nurse for 5 minutes

Wake 3: 4:30 a.m. comfort nurse 5 minutes

Wake 4: 6:00 a.m. nurse for 20 minutes

Wake 5: 8:45 a.m. awake for the day

Outcome: That’s right, we went from THIRTEEN wakings to FIVE! That means he’s beginning to soothe to sleep some of the time, and the extra two hours of nap during the day are helping him to be less fussy when waking up at night! Party it up!

Unfortunately, it’s about to get worse because I’m instituting the Pantley’s Gentle Removal Plan and taking away night pacifiers because this kid comfort nurses like nobody’s business and I’m ready to stop co-sleeping! Who am I kidding… I didn’t even really wanna co-sleep, but hazy sleep deprived newborn mom Hannah was all, What? I don’t get to sleep? Yeah, no, we’re going to co-sleep.” Values, people. They are a good thing… Start out how you want to go, whatever way that may be. Or, you know, break associations and habits like me and do it the hard way. Yay.

Like I said, for naps, he’s been sleeping two extra hours during the day, which brings his total up to three and a half hours broken over two naps (sometimes three). During the day, I’ve been doing whatever I have needed to do to get him to sleep, even if that’s nursing him the whole naptime, because a sleep deprived baby just doesn’t respond well to change at night. It has, however, afforded me a lot of reading time! I just take a flashlight in there with me and prop it up on the other side away from him while I lay down and nurse him. Because of that, I’ve finished a Mother’s Rule of a Life and almost finished Walking with Purpose, not to mention, the No-Cry Sleep Solution book.

Yesterday, I wrote out Eliot’s sleep plan, according to the book’s instruction, and I plan on posting it on the bathroom mirror, so that when I want to smash a mirror when I’m irrational and sleep deprived later this week, I can see all the facts and NOT sleep deprived Hannah will tell me to take a chill pill and keep going. Great thing about first babies…they teach you things you want to try with the next one or want to avoid with the next one! Live and learn.


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