A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 20)

Family News

Wedding and Traveling: The most eventful piece of news on my end is that I finally finished the flowers for my friend’s wedding, and the wedding is over! I left my phone in the bedroom so I can’t post a picture of the finished bouquet as my sweet little one is asleep in there. They turned out nice though, the bride liked them, and my fingers are no longer raw. After an unfortunate mishap in the ordering of wedding attire that resulted in one bridesmaid’s dress being a different color (that’s me, not having it together as a mom), and an endless amount of driving with a seven month old in the car, I’m ready to sleep for about a month! But that’s not really how life works, and all is over now, so I can kick myself back into gear. Aside from the wedding/travel stuff, we’re just chugging away on the day-to-day train over here, and I’m happy to say that moods are improved and spirits seem content. So often, life can seem tedious and stressful in the daily living, and we can fall into despair, discontent, and unhappiness. I think we’re learning how to be conscious of our spirits and identifying when we need to take a step back and work on our perspective before we allow ourselves to fall into those pits.

Sleep: My generous parents bought us a nifty baby video monitor which makes nap time a cinch! And speaking of naps, and what’s going on lately, I’m sure you got to see my newest project. I’m working on getting Eliot’s sleep schedule more of a schedule and attempting to reclaim my own sleep in the process. We’re on day nine of sleep training (although we did have to take a break due to travel this past weekend) and so far, nap time is beginning to exist again, even though night time is still a battle. I have noticed that night time is getting easier since Eliot is starting to get the amount of rest that that he needs during the day, though. Tomorrow night is another log night, and I’m excited and a little bummed to see the log. I know there will be progress, but I also know that there will be little of it due to the traveling. I’m just going to keep on it, because I know it’s really helping things.

Day to Day: The house is slowly getting in order after holidays and excessive travel, and I have decided to use Lent to de-clutter and donate. Really, to simplify. Books will be sold, clothes and shoes will be donated, items that don’t serve a purpose in this household will be given away, and ultimately, I’m hoping for three things. A clean home, an easy packing process for the summer, and a more grateful heart. It’s so hard for me to be grateful when I’m overrun by stuff, as I really get caught up in the material, so a good purging is really good for my perspective. As far as life staying at home, I’ve finally gotten back into a habit of some exercise, and it’s making me feel loads better! I downloaded the Ease into 5k app and have been following it while pushing Eliot in the jogging stroller. My mood is improving during the afternoon lull. I’m hoping to train up and run a 5k for a charity sometime before the hot weather hits this summer. I’ve never been a huge runner, but I am finding myself enjoying it because it seems like my exercise is organized when I’m running with a race in mind. When I run for the sake of exercise, I never run for more than a few days… I like the idea of killing two birds with one stone. Getting my exercise, and building up to a race where I can help support a charity! There are so many out there.

Lent 2016: Daniel and I also spent time today figuring out what we want our Lent to be this year, and there really is nothing like having your spouse help you figure out what to take away or add for it. Granted, I practically forced him to tell me what he thought I should do, but still. 🙂 I’ve decided on a few different things in addition to the practical simplifying of the stuff.

  1. I’m giving up Dr. Pepper, because I find myself picking one up after a stressful time with Eliot, instead of confronting my feelings and keeping the peace. It seems like a crutch.
  2. I’m giving up TV for two reasons: I don’t want Eliot growing up with the TV on all the time, and I know I have a serious addiction to Netflix for comfort. Life needs to be a bit more uncomfortable. I also think it would be a great time to really introduce healthier habits and make more time for things like reading and praying.
  3. I’ve also decided to continue working on my daily rosary. So often, I can forget to pray one, or I can shove it off until later when it just doesn’t get prayed. So those are my Lenten observances.

Becoming a Better Reader

Reading: I finished the Rosary book I was reading (check mark on my list!) and I’m more than halfway through Walking with Purpose (my mother’s group book). I started a Mother’s Rule of Life and I’m enjoying it. A lot of my regular reading is getting halted a bit due to reading The No Cry Sleep Solution book, but I’m more than halfway through it as well. I’m actually getting a hang of this reading thing again! Thanks, Jen, for pushing me!

I think that sums up our life right now… I’ve spent a lot of time chatting with friends during my daily life and it’s such an encouragement to have friends who stay at home too and are in the same place in life. It’s not like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders, or that we have the pressures of working, but I think having community even while staying at home is an important support to living the Christian life and to living a mentally healthy life!


As we are already entering into Eliot’s first Lent, I can’t wait to see what happens next in our family’s little life somewhere in the huge state of Texas.

Thanks for reading our little life update today, and I wish you all the peace of our Lord and Savior.



4 thoughts on “A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 20)

  1. What awesome Lenten resolutions!! I wish I could give up TV, but Joe would lose his mind if he didn’t come home with the prospect of watching three hours+ of TV with me. It’s so bad but I know it’ll change someday soon. He needs that mindless time and I vow to just be wherever he is at the end of the day. We’re going to go to Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent. It’s such a small thing but it’s usually my only Lenten resolution that works out. In Nacogdoches it was a big sacrifice last year because I vowed to go the dinners afterwards in order to build my faith community up by visiting with other parishioners. You know how hard that was for me! I don’t know if our church here has that but I have a feeling Joe would not be up to that. Resolutions are hard when your other half and own flesh and blood won’t cooperate! Lol

    Maybe I can somehow make this a resolution. I’ve been toying with the idea of making a children’s rosary book! How fun would that be?! I just need to hunker down and get started.

    Awesome work on Eliot’s sleep schedule! I’m glad the hard work is paying off!

    • Oh my goodness, I think you should absolutely make a children’s rosary book! That sounds fabulous! Side note: I often catch myself thinking you should pop right into the illustrator game if you found something not too stressful you could do from home. You’d be great at it!

  2. Yay for more reading! I just love how your Lenten goals “work together” in a sense. No TV should totally help you pray and read more! I was so surprised at how much more I could do when I just stopped turning on the TV…seems so simple really but it wasn’t until I saw the fruits that I realized I actually had plenty of time to pray and read after all.

    • Yes, the first day of Lent showed me truly just how badly I need to turn off the tv. I read so much, but I also found myself thinking, “man, I really want to turn on the television right now,” ALL throughout my day! My brain is completely dependent on it!

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