Currently Working on… (The Wedding Edition!)

Currently, I’m finishing up the wedding project I took on for a friend and I’m finally feeling less overwhelmed! It was a big project, and I doubted whether or not I could finish, but my optimism and perseverance won out in the end. The project I’m speaking about happens to be the flowers for this friend’s wedding. I wouldn’t normally undertake such a huge endeavor, but this is a close friend. If you know me, you know I’d do anything for my close friends! Bonus fact, this friend also happens to be marrying my husband’s best man!


Not the actual bouquets, just a bunch of flowers I finished thrown together. I can’t wait to construct the actual bouquets!

Kristina was one of my lovely bridesmaids, and Cody was Daniel’s best man. It’s so neat to look back on pictures of them at our wedding, being such a cute couple.

I’m so glad to be friends with these two, and I’m so excited for their upcoming wedding! While I’ve been working on flowers, I have been thinking about all of our history together, and laughing about the four of us.

#1: When I met Kristina, we talked only of books and it was on one of mine and Daniel’s first dates (we went with friends to a choral concert). Now it’s ironic since I’m making her wedding flowers out of book pages!

#2: After meeting Kristina the first time, I kept feeling a tug on my heart to really get to know her. So, I put it all out there on a post it note, saying something like, “Hey, I loved meeting you. Let’s hang out sometime, here’s my number!” and then dropped it off at her work with her coworkers (who were laughing at me). To this day, I’m appalled that I did that, but I guess that’s how you know it’s the Holy Spirit moving in you… If it doesn’t feel like you AT ALL.

#3: After that, we DID go on our “date” and got pasta. I talked and talked and put it all out there again, and she did the same. From then on, we became the kind of friends that are just completely honest with each other. I do something stupid, she tells me. She does something silly, I laugh.

#4: Cody and Kristina began dating at the same time that Daniel and I did and people finally stopped asking Kristina and Daniel if they were dating (they were in the same college classes together).

#5: The four of us speak at least half of our conversations in FRIENDS quotes, as we all watched the sitcom together and separate, endlessly. There’s a lot of laughter when we’re together.


Daniel and Cody


Bonus fun fact: I was pregnant with Eliot and had found out two days prior to this photograph! Hi little teeny tiny Eliot!


40 something roses to make and the petals of 40 something roses to curl!


Those two on the left are curled, all the rest have to be opened and curled!

I’m almost finished and I can’t wait to see how they come out. Not to mention the beautiful wedding that’s coming up!


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