A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 19)

It’s been two months since a Chapter in the Life! I don’t think I’m as diligent to update since Eliot has been born… Mainly because Eliot is quite a little nuisance when it comes to blogging and I would rather spend time playing with him and enjoying his antics than trying to hack out an update for the sake of updating and not enjoying what I’m actually trying to write about in these posts. Blogging is supposed to be a fun outlet for me, and not a job that makes me resent anything that interrupts the work. But also because life with a baby is not as interesting to read about (except to the mommy of said baby) in a newsy kind of post. Now that I’ve been long-winded about the lack of updates, I’m ready to update, with an extra ten little fingers to help.

Family News

Last time I updated, I spoke about the lack of schedule around here… And then I found a schedule! And then the holidays came around and blasted my schedule to space and then a galaxy far, far away (whilst watching Star Wars). We haven’t managed to get the schedule back yet, but as Eliot changes and grows, I think that’s normal. I’m determined to get a good nighttime routine in hand for him though.

Here are some Eliot updates!

Movement: This little guy has decided to skip sitting and go straight to crawling and standing and by six months, was able to crawl all the way across the room.

Teeth and Talk: He has also presented us with one tiny little razor tooth that budded after screams and biting galore. He’s much happier now that he has it and has been figuring out how to make noises with his new mouth all over again. He’s learned to say “Dada” and “Mama” although I’m sure it’s mostly just babbling. He also tries really hard to say “ggggggg” when we ecstatically say “GOOD MORNING” to him any time he wakes up. It’s really amazing to see how he’s learning to mimic what we do, and it’s a sobering thought for us as parents. We’ve officially become role models and I’m not sure how I feel about that…

Sleep: Daniel got to babysit him for the second time alone while I went to the big mother’s group that meets once a month, and Eliot decided that he was upset at being left home. But Daniel did a fantastic job, and endured the screaming like a champ and even managed to get him to go to sleep! Actually, where sleep is concerned, Daniel is a pro at getting him to go to sleep. Eliot fights me and fights me and after half an hour of no success, I pass him off to Daniel and within five minutes, Eliot has calmed down and conked out. I’ve gotten to slow down and have a nice glass of wine during those few minutes and Daniel has been able to use that time to have some father/son bonding time, which works well for all!


Food: Eliot now knows what food is and gets extremely upset if he sees me or Daniel eating or drinking without him. We usually just give him a little bit off of our plate to taste. Lots of fruits, brown rice, potatoes, yogurt, and even some of my smoothie! I never intended to do baby led weaning, but I suppose that is what I’m doing. I have intentions of making some purees for him soon, though. Even through all that, he is still extremely breastfed and doesn’t show signs of quitting any time soon!


The look he gives us when we eat without him.


Mood: He’s really a happy little boy, except if he is tired or in pain from teething. However, he is hitting the separation anxiety stage and looks for me if I’m not a few feet away from him. If I leave the room, he cries until somebody is able to distract him. As far as personality goes, this little guy has this game he plays with us that he’s been doing since about four and a half months. He bends down while we hold him standing on our laps, and then we say, “Wheeeeeere’s Eliot?” to which he pops back up with a huge smile and we say, “There he is!” and then we usually get a laugh from him. He does it over and over and it’s so adorable that we cannot help but be entranced.

And it wouldn’t be a life update if I didn’t include…

The parent updates:

Movement: Well, mostly we exercise by chasing Eliot away from the fireplace, cords, and the dog’s sharp nails, of which he is enthralled. But I also started running with the “Ease into 5k” app and enjoyed a night of sore muscles for my effort. The app is cool though!

Teeth and Talk: Um… Well, mainly our teeth hurt from the truckloads of holiday treats we’ve accumulated and eaten and then we talk about how fat we feel from the binging. I really have to stop eating so much sugar… It’s so bad for me and it’s making my health decline. See, there’s that talk…

Sleep: We have a baby in grad school, so this topic of conversation is pointless. 😉

Food: Coffee. Endless amounts of coffee. But I just learned how to make beans, so win for adulthood, I guess?

Mood: Happy and content after a nice vacation to Arkansas for our anniversary! I got to see mountains.

We also visited some hot springs. It was cold and I really wanted to jump in.

Before we went on our lovely anniversary trip, we got to spend lots of time with my family over the holidays and Eliot got to meet all of his cousins! The babies attempted to eat each other and Eliot was overwhelmed by attention. He also got a jumparoo from Grandma but had to leave it there because we didn’t have the car space to bring it home. Hopefully we’ll be able to get it here before he outgrows it!


Eliot and cousin Eloise having a baby standoff. They’re two weeks apart!

He also got to spend some quality time with his Aunt Heather, who tried on multiple occasions to steal him away. He really takes to his Auntie.


Becoming a Better Reader

I posted my book list for the year, which seems manageable to me, and I’ve been keeping up with it! This book caught my eye at the book store toward the beginning of the holidays, and fortunately, being used and a little dated, I got it for a great price.


So when Daniel gives me some recharge time, I enjoy a cup of something hot, a bath, and some luxury reading. The book is giving me a lot of insight and reflection on the mysteries of the rosary, and I’m immensely enjoying it.


I’ve been working hard on one of the projects I agreed to do and it’s going well so far! I have half left to finish this week and then I have to construct the bouquets, but at least the flower making is going well. I made coffee filter roses for my wedding and now one my dear friends is asking for book page roses for her wedding, and I’m really excited to see them in action! Book pages are stiffer than coffee filters, though, so it’s a bit tough to keep the petals from ripping. Daniel has been dutifully herding our baby while I work and keeping him from harm. I really think he needs a shepherds staff… That would make his job easier.

Thanks for reading today! Hope you all are having a great day, and peace be with you all.


3 thoughts on “A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 19)

  1. As always, I love the pictures of Eliot!!! He’s growing so fast and I can’t decide which one of you he looks more like. As soon as I say, “He’s a mini Daniel!” I start seeing all your features! I really hope we get to see him soon! Joe might go crazy if he doesn’t see another baby soon…he’s such a girl and his baby fever is through the roof. Ha! Don’t tell him I said that though. 😉

    I love your book page roses. It reminds me of the Marie Osmond song. Not in actual meaning, mainly just the fact that she has a song named “Paper Roses.” You’re so talented! Good luck with your running! I branched out this !ornomg after I got am exercise ball for $4 at goodwill yesterday. I hated myself the entire time I was attempting exercises with it.

      • So far, I’m sticking to the theory that they change back and forth. They look like dad for a while, then they look like mom, then they look like dad again. And once he’s old enough, I bet it happens with his voice too! He still looks like Daniel to me though, but some people swear he looks like me.

        I hope y’all can visit soon or maybe we can visit you guys! As soon as the wedding in Feb is up, I’ll be able to look beyond in our schedule and hopefully get something down. I miss you a lot! Thanks, the roses are pretty, it’s just an overwhelming project so I have to keep myself grounded about it so I don’t freak out. Haha!

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