Just Another Book List

I’ve been terrible, since reaching adulthood, about getting books read. I love finishing a book and diving into stories, reflections, and wordy goodness, but I just get way too distracted these days. Between Netflix, my phone and its many enticing apps, and now a clingy, curious baby, I just can’t seem to get past the first few chapters.

However, not even trying is just giving up before I’ve even begun. So I thought I would jot down some books that I want to read and hopefully 2016 will help me along. Maybe you guys could help! You know, nag me whenever you see me or speak to me, and tell me I can do it! Distracted Book Lovers Anonymous should be a thing.


My Life in France by Julia ChildThis book is quite different than the books I typically read, but it looked so interesting and came with a trustworthy recommendation from a friend. On New Years Eve, Daniel and I went to a book white elephant party, and this is the one I got to take home with me!

Devotionals/Spiritual Reads:

The Rosary: “The Little Summa” by Robert Feeney – I bought an older edition at Half Price so it’s a bit dated, but so far it’s FANTASTIC! It’s very readable and has already been helping me where the Rosary is concerned. 

Walking with Purpose by Lisa BreninkmeyerThis is the one I started for the mother’s group that I’m a part of and so far, it’s been extremely helpful and easy to read! It’s nice to know I’ll finish this one for sure, since I’m reading it with a bunch of other moms and discussing it.

A Mother’s Rule of Life: How to Bring Order to Your Home and Peace to Your Soul by Holly PierlotThis is one that a close friend of our family gave to us in a bag of books and cds from her home library. They all look like pretty scrumptious reads, but this one jumped out at me first. 


Dust by Hugh HoweyLast year, Daniel and I read Wool and Shift, two other books in the Silo saga, and LOVED them. Deep down, I’m still the nerd that was raised with a bunch of brothers and boy cousins, and so sci-fi is still my thing. These books are full of mystery, creepiness, good characters, and an interesting world, not too difficult to imagine! Daniel and I first began reading Wool to each other but when our voices started getting hoarse (or I started getting contractions from reading aloud–so many false labor contractions), we switched to an audio book on Audible. 

The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss – I need to finish this one from last year as I started it shortly after Eliot was born. I’ve been reading it to him during his nursing and enjoying the story again! My parents read this to us as kids, and I remember loving it then, but what is striking me about it this time around is just how perfect of a book this is for boys! It’s all about survival, ingenuity, adaptability, creativity, and the outdoors, and I just love how the family always remembers to gather for prayer and thanks throughout the book! 


Six Books to finish in 2016… That doesn’t seem too bad! But honestly, I can start sixty books, it’s just the finishing of them that causes me to fail, so maybe starting small is a good idea. Are you a sporadic reader too? What books are you tackling in 2016?


6 thoughts on “Just Another Book List

  1. I totally identify with this. It’s especially difficult for me since I always forget that I enjoy reading. It wasn’t until about seventh grade that I actually started reading for pleasure, so I always get caught up in the mentality that I don’t actually enjoy reading. Big. Fat. Lie. When I was subbing, it was ea to read a ton because I just sat at a desk all day while kids watched movies or completed assignments. However, when I was actually responsible for teaching for three months, I didn’t have time to read during the day and by the time I got home I had to clean or cook as soon as I walked in the door if I wanted to be in bed by 9 or 10. Now I have lots of time to read!!! I definitely want to finish the Harry Potter series (since I stopped midway through the Goblet of Fire in September). Then I think I’d like to find some saint books…not sure which ones. I also need to finish the Never ending Story. Joe and I started it this summer and then we stopped once we were both working. I really love it and need to pick it back up . good luck with your reading list!! Let me know if any of your choices are worth a read!

    • I loved listening to the Harry potter series because then I could wash dishes or draw or clean while I read. I really love listening to books for that reason, but reading definitely develops my processing skills more.

  2. A Mother’s Rule of Life has changed my life! I’ve read it a few times already. (But I should warn you, don’t get caught up with the schedule thing, unless your personality goes along with that…just focus on the 5 P’s. You’ll know what I mean.)

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