December in Pictures


We found this awesome park nearby that has a lot of trails (as long as you’re watching out for cyclists) and it’s perfect for stroller walks.


Eliot enjoyed himself immensely on our walk. This bright eyed little wonder slays me. I still can’t get over the fact that he’s mine. What a gift.


He really loves raspberries. And this outfit makes me feel like he could be the third Mario brother.


Excuse me while I adore how perfectly romantic this scene is, with the autumn leaves, the sunshine, and the father and son moment… We’ll just forget the fact that the little guy was on a strike in his diaper and the fact that there was trash smeared all over that little ravine in the background. Photos should be a way to see beauty, calm, and happiness in your life (at least that’s what I think).


Kisses from Dad so you know just how loved you are, my sweet son.


And don’t forget the lengths your Mama goes to just to coax a smile.


2 thoughts on “December in Pictures

  1. What a precious little boy!!! So sweet! And memories are moldable, you will remember the precious father son moments, not all the trash filled ravines. Except this one, now that we have talked about it so muc you will surely remember this one 😉

  2. I love all these sweet pictures of Eliot!! He’s so beautiful and you guys are such amazing parents! I feel like I haven’t doted on him enough as of late just with how sidetracked and distracted I’ve been for the past few months. 😦 I hope I see you all soon!!!

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