A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 18)

Family News

It’s been too long… Every time I open the laptop, Eliot wakes. I’ve tried to sit down to blog so many times, but you know, motherhood waits for no mother… Here’s a few jumbled thoughts about life lately and a few pictures of my little baby dragon.

image (11)This little guy is almost five months! It feels surreal how fast the time has flown. He is the most cuddly of all the babies, hates to be put down, and his laugh makes my life so much better.

We’ve had some fun driving trips lately. One involved an overnight stay in Athens, TX because of severe road flooding… We sat on the freeway in a traffic standstill for several hours as rain came and went and we tried to figure out why no one was going anywhere. After three hours, we finally figured out that the road was flooded 23 miles down the road, and we waited for someone to reroute us off the freeway. It was a little scary, but it afforded us some quality talking time which seems to be very scarce these days! We aborted our traveling plans and managed to get one of four rooms at a hotel 20 miles from where we were so we could rest and let the rain pass before heading home. Thank goodness for family. My siblings pulled through for me and helped us get that room! And it really wasn’t so bad with a baby. He mostly slept in the car and also let me earn pro status in the diaper changing skill set. Tiny car + infant that’s too long to lay out on a seat + major blowout (and I’m not talking about tires). image (12)

We’ve been enjoying our trips and some dinner dates with friends lately, and I spend a lot of time dealing with the mundane things of life that must be done whilst hanging out with this kiddo. He sported this shirt to support his grandpa on his annual work hunting trip.

I think most bloggers know how it is, post baby. You nest up and soak it in while the growth is spurting, but there’s not a ton to really talk about. I’m still settling in as stay at home, and trying to figure out my daily schedule with Eliot. I do have time for regular life, but with my personality type, I get incredibly anxious if I don’t know what to expect and I end up doing very little because of that. I’m doing a lot of baby led life right now, which is a growing experience for me too! I really love attachment style parenting, but the lack of schedule of any kind is a little difficult. A trial of love though, I guess. image (13)

But because this is my first baby, I’m letting myself enjoy the lack of schedule. There will be more than enough scheduling of my life later, and right now, I just love seeing this on a random Monday morning when spontaneity occurs.

Maybe when there’s a little more scheduling, I’ll be able to get back to posting more than a few words about lack of scheduling.



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