A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 17)

Great Reads

Natural Family Planning: A Miscellany on Marriage, Fertility, and SpiritualityMy Serenity Prayer – My friend, Mia, wrote this wonderful post on her dealings with NFP and how she was able to use essential oils to regulate her fertility! I think it’s so fantastic that she has just challenged herself to learn NFP and went above and beyond to really help her body. I really think posts like these are necessary and helpful to see real women practice our Faith and encourage others to do so too. NFP is NOT easy and being isolated without someone to walk that journey with you is really lonely and discouraging. Obviously, don’t read if you’re weirded out by NFP.

7 Tips to Make the Most of RCIA – Home to Catholicism – Haley writes the best stuff. Go have a conversation with her, she’s great and I know she would be so open to answering any questions on RCIA if you just ask her! I love visiting her blog.

Family Prayer – How We Currently Make it Happen – Better Than Eden – If you’ve been around here long, you know I adore Mary’s blog and she’s such a huge inspiration to me. She’s actually one of the big reasons I started a daily rosary and started praying the Angelus at noon. 

Family News


I got my haircut finally and LOVE having a pixie! It’s so easy and fun. And less for grabby fingers (but let’s be real, there’s still going to be some grabby fingers).


Eliot is a pretty happy baby! He’s been gracing us with many heartwarming smiles.But sometimes, we have mornings like this…


Poor little sweetie. But he usually turns right around, especially when Daddy comes home.


Sometimes we have times where we both just want a nap…


But then this happens after a nap.


He’s my favorite! And also a wiggle worm… Speaking of which, I think that’s going to be the end of this post, because the little guy is demanding my attention with his manipulative little smiles. #momproblems Oh well, he’s too cute to mind!

I’ll leave you with the thought raging through my head the most these days… Who is ready for fall?!