A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 15)

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Family News


I’m almost thirty-seven weeks pregnant now and boy, can I tell you that for this pregnancy, it’s like there’s a switch in there labeled “NOW YOU’RE REALLY PREGNANT” that somehow got flipped on. It’s okay though, we’re almost there. I’m so ready to meet this little guy.IMG_2388

My labor bag is all packed, Eliot’s bag is packed, and I even managed to finish my birth plan/notes this week! We really don’t have much left to do for the little guy. I also wrote out my prayer intention list for the labor and I’ve already begun praying for some of them during the contractions I’ve already had that have NOT been so fun… I have another appointment on Thursday in which we will have another sonogram and I’m SO excited to see him! As he grows in there, it gets even more exciting to see what he is looking like as you can see more and more features every time.

IMG_2383Speaking of those uncomfortable pains, this massage ball has become a definite must for future pregnancies. It took us a few stores to track down a decent massage aid but eventually, Academy won out! Our goal was to find something that would help Daniel not to tire out and to save his hands since he’ll probably be massaging me for hours. This thing just rolls over your back, or you can hold it in place on your lower back which has worked wonders during contractions. It helps me fall back asleep when I wake up in the middle of night and I’m uncomfortable. Almost like how a back scratch just makes you feel so relaxed and you’re slowly able to drift back off to sleep!IMG_2389

We set up Eliot’s little play corner which houses his toys, books, and awesome dragon! We know it’s early for all of that, but what can I say… I really look forward to playing with this little guy! We put his play quilts there too for easy access and I’m thinking of adding a little storage box for diapers and wipes so that we have them accessible in the living room.

IMG_2385Lastly, we set up his Co-Sleeper in our bedroom and it gives me good dreams when I fall asleep staring at the little place where he will lay. Are you sick of baby talk yet? I’m sorry to add to the cliche…


Fine, I’ll talk about something else. Marriage! (What did you expect?) In addition to Eliot’s godparents from our hometown, and then the lovely Haley from her blog, “Home to Catholicism,” my friends Mia and Joe also tied the knot within the last two weeks! We gave the latter a print from Dave Pollot’s shop on Etsy for their wedding gift and yes, you need to look closer in the picture to see WHY we did so. Awesome, RIGHT? The Star Wars print on the right is actually one the seller sent to us for shopping with him and so it now hangs on our wall too. So many beautiful couples got married this week, it really had me nostalgic for my own wedding! I’m so happy for each and every one of these women! Congratulations to them all!

IMG_2298I made some delicious pasta inspired by a place some friends recommended we go to eat Italian food. The food was outrageously good and it made me want to try making some summer pasta. This is a ricotta tomato basil pasta and really it was just simply those ingredients mixed with penne pasta, crushed garlic, and olive oil. Mmmm!IMG_2366

Daniel also put his hands together in the kitchen and made this Chocolate Italian Love cake we found on Pinterest! Don’t you want your death to look this luxurious?


IMG_2354 I finished making my Jack Johnson pillow and I’m excited to be able to move on to other embroidery projects! It looks good on Daniel’s new arm chair.IMG_2372

After finishing the little lap blanket I was crocheting, I made this little hat for a friend who is also expecting a little boy. I was hoping to use up some of the left over yarn from the lap blanket since it was baby soft yarn anyway. I discovered that I hate making pom poms.

Thanks for reading another Chapter in a Life post! Don’t forget that you can find me on Pinterest if you fancy and you can always shoot me an email at hannahsalisbury@outlook.com. I’d love to hear from you!

Peace be with you,



8 thoughts on “A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 15)

  1. You’re so sweet, thank you! And you’re soooo close! Can’t wait to see that sweet little boy face! It’s so awesome hearing your excitement and you’ll be in my prayers for a beautiful and healthy birth. (Also, I think I need that massage ball thing. That sounds amazing!)

    • It seriously is amazing! The great thing is that you don’t have to apply much pressure for it to feel heavenly and so your spouse does not tire out. I got daniel to do it for half an hour one day while he was half asleep just because it felt so good. 🙂
      Thank you so much for your prayers and your inspiring blog! Yours is always the first I turn to for questions I have concerning infants and pregnancy. You have such practical advice and a gift for educating!

  2. So exciting! And you look so ready, too. It’s a good thing nesting is a thing that happens, because I feel like I would not get prepared otherwise if it were me. I don’t even know what that cake is, but it looks delicious. 🙂
    Thanks for the shout out. The fact that I’m married is still a little weird to me, to be honest. Haha….

    • Oh my, with all of the stuff we had to adjust, nesting has been a miracle. But also it has been a source of panic too in which Daniel had to talk me off the ledge. I freaked out about the littlest things that I honestly would not care about if I was in any other condition. It is true what thh say about nesting! Such a strong instinct! Daniel is so patient! Thank God parenthood is a two person gig! 😉
      The cake is a layer of ricotta cream filling, a layer of dark chocolate cake and a layer of icing made with pudding on the top. It really will kill you. But I am a firm believer in making deathly desserts once in a while. Live life dangerously!
      It took a little while for it to sink in with me too! Just like this pregnancy, really. It took me so long to “feel” pregnant but then one day I woke up and was like, “yep, I’m definitely pregnant and having this baby!” I hear the same thing happens when the baby comes out too for both parents. Something about all good things in life taking a while to fully realize! If we could realize it so quickly, maybe that would mean they were like every other mundane thing in our lives. So happy for you and yours!

  3. The pom pom hat is SO CUTE so worth it even if they are a pain to make!
    I can’t believe you are full term already! So exciting!!! As much as I know you can’t wait for Elliot to be “on the outside” one little thing to enjoy is just how quiet and portable he is right now 😉
    God Bless! You are in my prayers Hannah!!

    • I saw that my local fabric store sells pom pom makers and if these hats end up being a repeat venture, I may invest… Thanks!

      I keep telling myself that too! I love his little personality and how active he is but I am really enjoying the quiet evenings spent lounging with Daniel and having uninterrupted conversation. I know that will soon be missed!

      Thank you so much for your prayers! It means so much to me! I’ve got you guys on my labor intention list and have been praying for your sweet family too!

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