Adventures in Pregnancy with Eliot

eliotblogimageI am really struggling to remember even my first trimester already as I sit here in my third one waiting for Eliot to come out. One day, especially if my child has children, I want to be able to answer questions like, “did I kick a lot when you were pregnant with me?” and “what sorts of foods did you eat the most?” because those were the questions I immediately wanted to ask my own mom and mother in law when I found out I was pregnant! I don’t want to forget how Eliot was unique even when he was growing inside me, especially if I am blessed with future pregnancies, which I’m sure would be quite different.

Cravings: My biggest craving this pregnancy has, without a doubt, been fruit. Not one specific kind, but rather every kind I don’t even normally like when I’m not pregnant! I’ve had phases. For instance, oranges are out (they had a good run for three or four weeks) and bananas are in. Bananas then go out of style after a few weeks, and it’s watermelon. fruits I’ve craved have included oranges, bananas, watermelon, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, apples, honeydew melon, plums, peaches, and grapes. My second biggest craving has been milk! Whether it be a plain glass of milk, chocolate milk, milk in my cereal, or sometimes an occasional bowl of ice cream, milk has been a favorite. That’s unusual for me too, because even as a child, I hated drinking plain milk! I never said no to chocolate milk, but I definitely wouldn’t ask for two glasses of plain milk after dinner for dessert. It’s full on toddler style drinking too… I’m talking, both hands around the glass for better control and steady gulping. Junky cereals seem to be my guilty pleasure as the third most common craving. Trix, fruit loops, reeses puffs, pops, you name it.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Taking the lead with no challenger has been the constant emotional state of my being! Hormones have been absolutely overwhelming this entire pregnancy, but as my mom said in the first trimester, “crying constantly is better than throwing up all the time.” I’m thankful for that! Second most common pregnancy discomfort for me has been heartburn. But I don’t mind since I NEVER have it any other time in my life. I actually feel like I’ve been pretty blessed in this pregnancy where this whole area is concerned.

In the Womb Activity: Eliot Hayden is definitely a kicker. He doesn’t have a favorite time of day for kicking, but he certainly makes his presence known (enough to where you can see it from across the room if you stare at my belly hard enough). Sometimes he will go on for a couple of hours without pause. He does more kicking than rolling, but he does that too on occasion. I’ve also noticed that he gets the hiccups constantly (and seems to get them right after I down a big glass of water, which just doesn’t make sense to me). His kicking started really early (around almost 16 weeks) where I could feel it. They were just little flutters at first, but they grew to very strong, swift kicks and stretches in no amount of time at all. In fact, there have been a handful of nights that the kicks have been so uncomfortable that I’ve asked Daniel to talk to my belly to see if he could encourage some calm. Sometimes we would pray for Eliot to not be restless, and other times, Daniel would break out this sweet Dad voice in which he would kindly ask Eliot to calm down and “not hurt Mama.” The funny thing is that Eliot, so far, has always responded! He definitely knows Daniel’s voice.

How We Spend Time: We’ve been making family time a priority throughout this entire pregnancy, and if I ever ask Daniel to read to us, he’s always ready and willing to stop whatever he’s doing to have family time. We like to read books around here. I don’t read or sing as much as Daniel (mainly only if I’m alone all day) but Daniel reads to Eliot every night and sings him a lullaby. Eliot’s favorite is Daddy’s Lullaby and during the story, he’s as quiet as a mouse. No kicks, no movement. But as soon as Daniel begins singing the lullaby at the end, he goes wild and it looks like there are fireworks in my belly. This kid definitely likes singing! We’ve also included The Itsy Bitsy Spider book to our reading and singing time, and will often pick up other random books on our bookshelf to read aloud. Paddington Bear, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, and Peter Rabbit have been books that we’ve shared with him.

Changes: I did quit working in the middle of my second trimester due to an increase in contractions that started to worry us. The contractions, for the most part, subsided as soon as I was home. So I had to learn to continue to be productive in my days even while being home for hours and hours every day. I also learned that work was one of the things that made me more introverted (probably because I was exhausted of talking to people all day). Now that I do not work, I really love having company and spending time with people, and I find myself being a bit more outgoing when I’m in a group. I also have learned how to keep a cleaner home (now that I have time) and have even been doing a pretty decent job at keeping laundry and cooking going. I’m very much enjoying my home time.

Those are my specific pregnancy documents for this most special and cherished child. I look forward to holding his hand and cuddling him close to my chest when he’s out! I’m sure I’ll then have to begin documenting all of his firsts and fun life activities.


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Pregnancy with Eliot

  1. I don’t know what it was, but I just wanted to start crying (I did tear up a bit) when I read about Daniel reading to Eliot and how he’ll calm down but go crazy as soon as Daniel starts singing. That’s just so sweet! Maybe it’s my current massive life milestone, but I have been incredibly hormonal, too. I just hope this isn’t the way I always am so that’s it’s just amplified when I’m pregnant. I was sobbing at the end of Napoleon Dynamite yesterday, going on and on about how everyone ends up with a friend in the end, so I can’t even imagine being MORE emotional than I already am. Your mom is right though! I would rather be crying than throwing up!

    I agree that work makes you (us) more introverted. It’s easier for me to be social when I haven’t been forced into it all day. It’s also nice to have time to keep a clean home. I hate spending my weekends cleaning because I’m at work all week.

    Anywho, I just love reading your posts about Eliot! I’m so thrilled that he’ll be joining us so soon! I can hardly wait to touch his little cheeks and hold his little hands! 🙂

    • I think I remember being pretty emotional right before my wedding too, so don’t worry! Marriage is huge, and oh so special! Just because you’re not welcoming an “infant” into your world doesn’t mean that you aren’t welcoming someone in! You are offering yourself wholly to your husband and it will now be the two of you. That’s a beautiful thing, worthy of some emotion! Don’t feel bad about being emotional.

      Oh I hated having to clean on my weekends when I worked… It was like the only free time I had I couldn’t enjoy because I just didn’t have enough of it to recharge! I actually learned a lot about rhythm and ritual though through my pregnancy reading and how those two things help you to get through pain and to have endurance. Endurance was the thing I had in little supply when I worked, but as soon as I learned to have some rhythm to my days (a balance of rest and work with Daniel) I was able to keep a cleaner home and to be happier during my off time. But of course as soon as I quit entirely, I made better rituals and such and the house is spotless. Nesting helps too!

      I can’t wait for you to meet him too!!

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