The Little Lap Blanket

I’ve been attempting to redeem myself from extreme procrastination that occurred when making my brother’s blanket for him (I promised him a blanket on his birthday and then three birthdays later, finally gave it to him. SHAME). I started a little colorful granny square blanket, which, happens to be my first attempt at a granny square! My goal was to make a little lap blanket to hang on the back of my rocking chair/glider to cover my feet and legs while breastfeeding in the middle of the night. I also really wanted to add some color and cheer to my living room (it’s hard to combat the apartment’s beige walls). I would say that it was a success and Daniel seems to like it too!

This project took me two and a half weeks but I cannot take all the credit, because Daniel was such a sweetie and helped me pick out the yarn colors after I had attempted to pick them out, got overwhelmed, and left the store twice before he helped me. Pregnancy brain, y’all! Well, that, and the fact that this elderly Dallas lady kept following me and crowding me aisle after aisle and whenever I looked at her, she scowled… I think she overwhelmed me more than the yarn decisions did.




I’m looking forward to making more blankets in the future, but I might be exhausted of the process right now just because the Texas heat has begun to make an appearance and I’m eight months pregnant. I’ve been eyeing the knitting classes in the area. I would love to start knitting!


One thought on “The Little Lap Blanket

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