A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 12)

Good Catholic Literature

I’m afraid my link obsession this chapter is mainly awesome pregnancy/mom links so if you’re not in the mood, feel free to skip! Based on the amount of times I began a sentence at lunch with the hubby with, “so I was reading this interesting blog post on parenting,” I conclude that my annoyance factor right now must be quite high…

Why are Catholic Mom Blogs so Awesome? – Catholic Exchange

Common Spiritual Attacks on Pregnant Mamas To The Heights – So good. I came across this one back when she posted it (I was not pregnant at the time) but I never got a chance to read it and I forgot about it. This has been such a blessing to stumble upon this week, as I have been struggling with a LOT of what is on her list.

Tips for a Natural Hospital Birth – To the Heights – I think I’ve perused the entirety of Olivia’s blog recently since discovering all of her awesome posts on pregnancy and birth! It was so refreshing to read from such a down-to-earth first time mom. 

Family News


Daniel and I acquired an overnight visitor last week but I guess he got the wrong idea about what sort of people we were and the next day he was gone before daybreak and he even left behind his bow tie! How embarrassing for the little fellow. But seriously, it snowed all week last week, and once this week. Can I just say, waddling pregnant ladies and icy stairs do NOT mix! I’ve been so afraid of falling on all the icy concrete at our apartment complex lately… I’ll be happy when warmer weather arrives! I’m not really a snow kind of person. The novelty is fun for about half an hour and then I don’t want to slip in the ice, drive in the snow, brush the mounds of snow off of the car, and take the dog out…


This was a twenty-three week bump photo on a day I was feeling particularly fat, insecure, and displeased with my new body shape. You Instagrammers were so nice though and you really made my day! Thanks for the encouragement and the compliments!


I’ve been experiencing major nesting mode lately and I picked out these curtains and got my sweet hubby to hang them up for me. Unfortunately, I do need to do a little DIY to them and add some lace to the bottom because they don’t quite reach the floor, but I really love the color they add to the apartment! It seems much more cheery, and I’m sure when we find some inexpensive art/wall things for our barren walls, it will be even better! I have some wedding photos up but I would really like a couple of paintings in the room to help bring more color into our little world. There are a few Pinterest ideas I have come up with but nothing has really screamed “I’m just what you’re looking for” so the hunt is still on! In addition to the curtains, I’ve also cleaned every room in our little home (I’m talking deep clean) and I’ve gotten rid of two bins of stuff from the closet to make room for our little guy!

In other news, Daniel and I have discovered the series “Parenthood” on Netflix and Oh My GOODNESS, it must be our hormones but wow do we get emotional when we watch it.

Becoming a Better Reader

Honestly, I’m in the middle of many different books right now, but what I have been finding the most educational and helpful right now has been the posts I’ve been reading from the wonderful Catholic mom blogging community! I’ve been reading a lot of different books on parenting and birthing, but some of the real testimonies from real women have been more useful than anything. Especially in making the many decisions that come with the gift of pregnancy. You all know I struggle with fear, and it’s taken a long time to really think seriously about that life changing, uncomfortable, scary event that is coming in June. But I have to say, I am so glad to have found this blogging community, because no matter how many times a person counsels me in my life or how many times I read all about it in a book, nothing compares to being able to quietly read the posts that are full of experiences, be thoughtful about the lessons learned, ask questions when needed, and to feel less judged the way that things are in the blog world.



I made my first baby sweater within twenty-four hours last week when I was feeling sick. It’s a little wonky in places, but I think it’s so cute and I can’t wait to see little Eliot’s chubby cheeks (He’s mine and Daniel’s child… Of course he’ll have chubby cheeks) smiling from underneath the little hood! There are no serious yarn balls left in my crochet basket after this little project, and that has never happened to me before! I’ve always had an abundance of yarn! I went to the craft store the other day but I am having such a hard time deciding what I would like to crochet next, so I’ve been sticking mainly to my embroidery projects.



Daniel and I finally set up our little oratory in the living room! The little Holy Family is a birthday gift from Daniel from his trip to Vienna, the crucifix is a gift to him from me this past Christmas, and we made the partially viewed crown of thorns for our table centerpiece for Lent last year although I think it’s functioning really well where it is now! (That was a funny story, by the way… My parents came up to visit us in East Texas and asked if we needed anything from home. Our response: “uhhh, could you bring us some thorns from that big bush in the woods behind the house?” I’m not really sure what a mother is supposed to think when a daughter requests a bouquet of thorns…)

Thanks for being a part of my Chapter in a Life posts and remember you can find me on Pinterest to view my latest home ideas, craft whatsits, and rare recipes.

Peace be with you!



4 thoughts on “A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 12)

    • Thanks, Olivia! Your posts have meant so much to me and my husband, Daniel. I normally cannot crochet that fast but I think I might have tapped into some secret mom nesting power! 😉

  1. I agree! That sweater is AMAZING!! I am so envious of your crocheting and embroidery skills. They’re the only craft things I wish I could do but have never been able to get the hang of! I noticed the curtains when Joe and I visited and loved them. The first thing I asked him when we got back was if we could take down the ugly blinds in his living room and put curtains there. 🙂 and I love the oratory. I can’t wait to set up mine and Joe’s (and add in my sweet little Michael the Archangel you made me!!)

    • Crocheting is way more rewarding than embroidery, by the way. You mentioned you don’t think you have the patience for embroidery (which is how I feel sometimes) but once you learn two or three crochet stitches and realize the possibilities… man, it’s super fun! Of course, I’m a big procrastinator and my poor brother is coming up on his third birthday of a blanket in the works that I promised him. If I actually stuck to it, it would only take a few weeks at most, even when I had a full time schedule! But what causes the majority of my laziness is that I’m a social crocheter… I don’t have anyone here to crochet with and so I get bored after a few rows. Since I started listening to Haley and Christy’s podcasts though, I have been crocheting more! If we ever get a few days of hang out time, I’ll totally teach you and get you started on something! It’s really fun and not hard to learn!
      I’m glad you like the curtains! It’s something I always meant to do in our first apartments but couldn’t work up the enthusiasm to pick and hang them up since the places were so small. Curtains just scream “cozy, happy home” to me. I can’t wait to see y’all’s new place!
      Have you ever read Leila Lawler’s “The Little Oratory?” Here’s the freakishly long link to it on Amazon for what it is… http://www.amazon.com/Little-Oratory-Beginners-Guide-Praying/dp/1622821769/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1427224770&sr=1-1&keywords=leila+lawler+the+little+oratory
      I have it and have finished reading it recently, and if you wanna borrow it, I’d be happy to lend it to you! It’s SO good and talks a lot about what a home should be and how to set up your own little Oratory. It’s so much more than that—I stink at describing it…

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