Chapter in the Life (Ch. 11)

Good Catholic Literature

My Cup Runneth Over (and it maketh a mess) – Better Than Eden – This post was a really good post for me. I’ve been so overwhelmed lately and this was a great reminder that God is blessing me daily and that I can’t always see the big picture like He can!

The Good and Holy Friendship – Better Than Eden – Another great one from Mary. It was really interesting to read through the comments on this one too! Mary is so good at depicting what others are thinking in their heads but don’t know how to say!

Why Our Babies Aren’t Angels… And Why It Matters – Elizabeth Ministry Mary at Better Than Eden wrote this piece for Elizabeth Ministry and oh my goodness, like I said before, she has a real talent to be able to address in kindness what needs to be addressed. 

You Don’t Have to go to Grad School to have a Life of the Mind – Carrots for Michaelmas – If you know me, you know why I love this!

How to be Catholic: Tips you may not get in RCIA – A Knotted Life 

Family News


Introducing Eliot Hayden Salisbury! We’re having a son!


Look at his cute little foot! He’s really quite jumpy in the appointments and we have a hard time getting pictures of him since at all of his appointments he thinks it’s party time. I love our enthusiastic little baby dragon!


Big ol’ baby bump! I am getting excited for dress weather to come because even the pants with the huge belly bands are becoming uncomfortable. I just don’t like the feeling of stuff touching my waist no matter how loose. Dresses are the most comfortable for sure! Unfortunately it has been just below freezing today and so while we had a nice couple of warm sundress days, we’re back into cold and wet depressing weather. Especially at 6 a.m. for those opening shifts…

Becoming a Better Reader


This Christmas gift from a dear friend and mentor has been a wonderful read so far! It has been my lunch break companion and I am gobbling it up quite quickly! While I keep telling Daniel he should read it, I think he has little need to because I end up giving him a detailed summary of each chapter as I read it. He likes it too!



I’ve been working on this embroidery project for months. Quite like Noah’s blanket. I may be early to all of my appointments/jobs etc… but I am LATE whenever I’m making something! It’s okay. Anyway, this is one of one of mine and Daniel’s favorite songs and I think I’m going to turn it into a wall hanging. I hope it turns out!


I also had fun doing some amateur watercolor for Eliot (to put above his crib) and then turning it into this nursery print on the computer! That’s a quote from Winnie the Pooh that I just love… I love Winnie the Pooh. I think they may be the movies that I watched the most as a kid. It’s actually from this print that I figured out that I wanted to casually do teal and gray decor for any baby things I can actually make! I made a little yarn covered “E” that I instagrammed to hang next to this print and I want to make a little banner too with those colors. It’ll be fun to have a little “Baby corner” in our room!

Thanks for reading today! I apologize for the lack of blog posts. I really do blame pregnancy brain. I think of something at work that I want to blog about when I get home and then I promptly forget on the drive home. I guess I should start carrying a notebook! It’s so true what they say… Pregnant women would forget their heads if they weren’t attached! Remember you can find me on Pinterest!

Peace be with you!


2 thoughts on “Chapter in the Life (Ch. 11)

  1. I love the nursery print! I was glad to read that you finished it on the computer because I was gonna hate you if your handwriting was that nice. I didn’t even notice the shape of the boy’s face on the picture you posted to Instagram! So cute! As I already told you, I love the embroidery too! I wish I could do that kind of thing. I have so little patience.

    And as always, I love the pictures of you and little baby Eliot! Sorry I’ve been spelling his name wrong all this time. 🙂

    • I barely have patience either… But it’s relaxing if I am watching tv while doing it. I usually turn on netflix and watch reruns of something after work, and it makes me feel like I’m doing something productive if I embroider or crochet while watching! No worries on his name. It’s not the most common way to spell his name (but it is the same way T.S. Eliot is spelled).

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