A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 10)

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On Miscarriage and Mordor – Molly Makes Do

I don’t have a lot of links to share this time but if you haven’t checked out Fountains of Carrots make sure to do that ASAP. I always love listening to stuff so that I can have my hands free to do housework, crochet, or cook. 

Family News

I can’t believe I haven’t posted a Chapter in the Life since November! I really need to post more but when I’m home, I seem to be either crying (pregnancy), eating (pregnancy), or sleeping (pregnancy). So forgive me as I skim over the last several months of pretty much those three things interspersed with holiday visits to and from family.

I am now a little over four months pregnant and so far, it’s been a pretty smooth ride *cough*exceptforthehormones*cough*. I don’t know if it is because this is my first experience with it, but I still don’t feel like I’m about to be a mother most of the time! It’s kind of crazy. Maybe I just haven’t hit that moment where it all sinks in, but even when I’m at the doctor looking at my sweet baby on the monitor, I don’t “feel pregnant.” Ah well, everybody is different, I suppose. Speaking of sweet baby, let me share a picture!


At my last appointment, baby dragon was being such a little crazy-muffin and we sort of had to play chase all the way across my belly. I guess it was dancing time in my womb.

Leading up to now, I’ve had some pretty intense crying episodes. Veteran moms, you know the drill. You’re just crying and you don’t even know why. You cry for no reason. You cry when you’re happy. You obviously cry when you’re sad. And apparently, if you’re Hannah, you cry about food.


And that is why Daniel has already earned a million and one gold stars during this pregnancy. I would NOT want to live with the weeping, wilted, cupcake that I have been over the last four months. In response to the above quotation, he managed to hide his laughter almost completely, tell me it was okay that I loved food so much and that I was crying over delicious nachos, and that he was certain I was still his same old Hannah. Just a bit hungrier. There was also an episode where I followed him around the house as he readied himself for work just crying hysterically.

Brushing his teeth? Crying. Taking a shower? Crying. Eating his breakfast? Crying. I just didn’t know how to make a meme out of that one…

Then the other day, I almost ran out of gas in the car, didn’t pack my lunch for work, couldn’t get my card to work when I tried to buy lunch, and ended up eating poptarts and almonds for lunch. Mmm. Nutritious. The Almonds were unsalted but I’m so thrifty and prepared that I brought my own tears to the mix.

Then the following day, I was assaulted with another case of pregnancy blues and as I did my work, I wished with all my heart that I didn’t have to “hang out with myself” for the day. I was so exhausted and annoyed with my emotions and how lame I was that I texted that to Daniel. I came home to a teddy bear, Cheetos, a sweet letter, and a hug from my sweetie.


This guy is going to make the best dad in the whole world. He stayed like that for at least forty-five minutes so I could get some much needed rest — because didn’t you know that lying on the floor being smothered by a cat is the most comfortable way for a pregnant lady to sleep?


Christmas came, and Daniel bought me the best present ever. It’s a St. Gerard Rosary! For those who didn’t know, we found out that we were expecting on the feast day of Saint Gerard. And guess what. He happens to be the patron saint of expectant mothers! It’s such a beautiful rosary (and it happens to be my first very own rosary).


I know this Chapter in the Life is extremely minimal and short, but I hope you at least had a few laughs about the weeping episodes. I think we’ve all learned something here. I cry. A lot. And Daniel is pretty much a knight in shining armor/Superhero/Batman/Santa Clause. Oh, and did I mention? The man made me breakfast in bed this morning!

3 thoughts on “A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 10)

  1. Is love all those moments when I realize over and over that, like you, I picked such an amazing man for my husband. It sure sounds like he is taking good care of you! And I hope the crying subsides soon, because it is hard to live with unpredictable emotions! But just to warn you, I have always been much much hungrier when nursing than I ever was while pregnant… but the emotions aren’t as crazy, so there’s that?
    Congratulations again and again and again, meeting your first child is so exciting! (and every child…!)

    • Aww, thanks, Amy! You are so very sweet, and I really enjoy your comments!

      Good to know about the hunger… I think I could probably handle the excessive hunger with a lot more ease if I wasn’t so emotional about the actual food itself. Haha! But you know, I haven’t gotten really sick or anything with this baby, so maybe my specific pregnancy symptom will be the emotional episodes! Come to think of it, that was actually one of the first tip offs that I was expecting.

      Every single day that goes by, Daniel is more amazing than my feeble words can express. I just don’t know how he does it! Pregnancy really does draw you closer with your spouse, I think. Since all of your worst moments can just sort of slam into you and splash all over your husband at random times, it’s with the reaction that you truly learn the deeper love in your marriage. He is so patient with me!

      I really cannot wait to meet this baby! It’s still so crazy to think that we do not just have an infant on the way, but an actual individual with thoughts, preferences, personality, and a soul! How huge is that!

  2. I just sat down and read this! I’ve been meaning to since I saw an email notification that you’d written a new post but with all the hooplah this week, I hadn’t gotten around to it. Daniel is so sweet! Joe could take some tips from him. 😉 After the crap REALLY hit the fan on Friday, Joe had flowers waiting for me….in an old powdered drink mix container. And we have vases! What a goober. 🙂 And Joe got me a rosary for Christmas too! #Catholicrelationships

    I cannot WAIT to meet that baby! Every time I see a picture, tears well up in my eyes! I love you, Daniel and that baby so much! 🙂

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