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Bringing Autumn HomeBetter Than EdenI just love the natural way that Mary decorates. Her use of light, natural colors, and intentional decorating is such an inspiration!

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I love October. It’s one of those months that definitely just flies by, but if you stop and smell the roses once or twice during the month, it’s just amazing all around. It’s the month where you can smell the fall all around. The scent of trees and mulch drift through the cool breeze and stores all around start putting out all of their cinnamon and pumpkin candles. Beautifully colored leaves rustle together and create a sweet song for your ears and a gorgeous canvas to survey. It’s the month where soft breezes and warm days meet and make a great atmosphere for your outdoor activities. It’s my favorite month of the year, yet it always seems to disappear in a flash.

In addition to all of its greatness, it is sometimes two-faced, and rears its devil side as well. If you could just see the amount of tissues all around me and cough drops I’m using to survive this obnoxious cold that October decided to gift… But I’m celebrating in the best way I know how.


With some delicious home made chicken noodle soup, my first caramel apple ever, and Gilmore Girls to keep me company on my day off. You heard that it is now on Netflix, right? Gilmore Girls always reminds me of Fall too.

This past weekend, I worked the Clearance Sale at work and had a blast! It was a lot of fun, despite the fact that the powerful burst of wind the day before knocked over some power lines, broke a few stop lights, and caused us to drive for an hour on a commute that should have only taken thirty minutes. It allowed for some great conversation with my coworkers and getting to know the people I see everyday.

I started a book club with some of them and we’re reading quite a variety of different fiction novels (which is great because it’s been a while since I’ve read any fiction except Mr. Norrell).

Daniel went to see a few friends in Nacogdoches while I worked the Sale and I was very sad to miss them! He had gone for a school trip, but he combined the weekend with pleasure and got to hang out with two of our very favorite people: Mia and Joe. Speaking of which, Mia makes this great soap and she’s been spoiling me with some of it. Between her and my Mother-in-law, I will never be in want for soap ever again. I love all the great scents they both make – and the quality of both are fantastic! My Mother-in-law makes this great oatmeal soap that exfoliates as well as cleans, and it really cuts down on that awful back itchiness. Mia makes this fun and fall-ish Cinnamon soap that exfoliates and leaves you with a fresh cinnamon smell! I feel like I smell like a candle after I use it. I think it may be my fall tradition!

Anyway, if you are looking to get into home made soap (there are many benefits, but I’ll leave that up to the experts), you should definitely try one or both of these great soapmakers!


Who loves bubble baths and candles? I do!

Becoming a Better Reader


In addition to the book club and my other ginormous to-read list, I splurged on this gorgeous copy of Sense and Sensibility and also “Conversations with Pope Francis.” I’m very excited about both!

Faith and Spiritual Reflections


Michaelmas came and went and we had a brilliant sunset for my drive home from work. I stopped and picked up some groceries and prepared the famous whiskey glazed carrots for our first celebrated Michaelmas and blackberry cobbler!



I put our cobbler (and made from scratch whipped cream) in these cute little glasses and they were the perfect serving sizes! I picked up the glasses at Walmart for cheap and I think I may go back and get a few more. I only bought two, but I would love to have a collection for serving guests. It was a great way to class up an easy dessert. If you don’t know the legend about blackberries on Michaelmas, you should definitely look it up. I love our Catholic Culture.


As October came, so did the feast day of St. Therese of Lisieux. I made some simple french toast for dinner and added a peaches and cream topping. It was scrumptious!


Since we were technically eating breakfast for dinner, I added some bacon to the cuisine for Daniel, because Man + Meat. Daniel picked up some rose wine for us to complete the celebration! It was neat to celebrate and honor this particular Saint since I’ve been reading about her recently. I was even able to share some stuff with Daniel. Right now, we take every feast day we celebrate as a means to really learn about the Saint that we want to celebrate, and it’s been really good for us! It’s opening up our world and our Faith in ways bigger than us, and it definitely brings a sense of community as well. I am so grateful to be a part of the Catholic faith!

Thanks for reading today. Remember you can find me on Pinterest to see what our hobbies are currently. Feel free to shoot me an email at hannahsalisbury@outlook.com too as I would love to hear your thoughts and get to know you. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know some of you guys through your blogs, comments, and other social media and thanks for being so encouraging!

Peace be with you,