Why “The Inked Archives?” (or, that new trend, “Tattooed Libraries”)

If you follow my blog, you may have already pondered these questions with or without a perplexed, judgmental expression on your face as you stare harshly at the computer screen. We’ve all heard the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover” but one can cleverly escape the authority of the phrase on a technicality! No one ever said anything about a blog title!

It’s okay, I don’t blame you. I often wonder the meaning (if there is any at all) behind blog titles and whether or not I am reading too much into them. I wonder if I’m being tricked by a title. 

“Why is it called Puzzles? Because that’s the puzzle!” – Barney Stinson

After wondering about the meaning and if I’m being hoodwinked, I then wonder about the legitimacy of the claims from both title and author. This blog says it is about cooking. Why is there a picture of a smiling child going down a slide? How does that relate? I know, the child is happy because she just ate a delicious pastry, and if I click on this post, I will have the secret to happiness: The recipe for this joy-inducing pastry! 

So if you’ve experienced these same questions and you’ve applied this line of thinking to my blog, perhaps your questions look a little something like this.

The Inked Archives – Hmm, maybe it’s a blog about a tattooed library? Someone tattooed a library onto themselves? How painful! Was it like Prison Break? Why would she need blueprints to a library on her person at all times? Did she really think that tattoo through?

The story of my lifelong conversion – So it’s a story! A story of how she converted a bunch of librarians into getting tattoos of library blueprints onto themselves… Wow, it must be a new trend. She’s very committed to be forever convincing people to get those massive tattoos…

Meet the author – So now she’s an author? Did she write a book about library tattoos? I know, she wrote a “How-to” book of getting your friends to go get tattooed libraries on themselves together! 

Okay, so hopefully I’ve at least accomplished a pity laugh from you. And if you’re dead serious and still reading this while thinking all of the above questions, read on and you shall be enlightened! 

Many of you know that I used to have a blog called “Better Together” and it got its name from the Jack Johnson song. Not very original, but it was the blog I had when I married my super awesome spouse, and I wanted to log all of our adventures together. The title worked for the blog that it was, and I liked it. But after a while, I began to desire a blog meant for more. I wanted a space on the internet that was a microcosm of my life.

Around three years ago, something was brewing inside me. Something that wasn’t quite ready to make its public appearance or announcement, but something that was already there. A love for the Catholic Church and all her teachings was growing and not only did it give me anxiety at the time (for some personal reasons), but it gave me confidence. Slowly that confidence came, and soon my anxiety was gone. I knew that God was calling me to convert to Catholicism, and with a quivering voice, I asked to speak to the priest in my area and the rest is history (or another blog post for another time). This was about two years ago. Around the same time my blog posts at Better Together began to dwindle away.

I still wanted to show that life was better together with Daniel, but I wanted a corner that was more than that. Some place that showed my individuality, a place that showed my flaws. A place that I could write freely about deeper issues without feeling as though it disrupted the tone of my blog. I wanted to write about Daniel, recipes, tutorials roach attacks, and my lunatic dog and batty cat. In short, I wanted to write about the humdrum, day-to-day life stuff, the sappy stuff, but most importantly, the deep and meaningful stuff that I’m often too afraid to write. That is when The Inked Archives was born. It took months to write my first post, mainly because of the fear I experienced. 

I’m the kind of girl that can see meaning all around us, but I’m not the girl that finds it easy to express it or share it with the world. A few close friends, yes! But to everyone? I feel as though I have stories to tell and I’m just trying to get past the mental block of getting them out. I’m a highly sensitive person and as you know, writing heartfelt thoughts down for anyone to see is not a practice too many highly sensitive people like to partake in. However, I have two things that not all highly sensitive people have: A love for God and a burning desire to write. Both of those things outweigh any anxiety or fear. 

So I chose the name, The Inked Archives, based on that burning desire to share the stories of God in my life. I realized that God was in the humdrum days just as well as in the passionate moments. The days that led up to me sitting in a pew talking with a priest about my desire to convert (a very passionate moment) were not made up of every minute having a profound epiphany… They were made up of ordinary, common workdays where God revealed himself a little more as time progressed until it built up into that resolved confidence and deep gratitude I experienced during that passionate moment. God was just as much in my day-to-day as He was in my special experiences; for without him in my ordinary, there would be no extraordinary. 

With that as my guide, I knew it would be all right to still express my humdrum posts in addition to the bigger moments. I could be completely honest about my life; I could express my desire to be with God in every moment and that explains “the Archives” part of my blog. It’s all my stories, both mundane and amazing. 

“The Inked” portion isn’t some implication of tattoos, (it’s okay to laugh) it’s simply a reference to my putting pen to paper (so to speak). It’s the reason to blog in the first place. It’s the burning desire to write put into practice. I know I’m not a fantastic writer. I know I make a lot of silly mistakes (grammar and format). But I have stories to tell, and I finally have the courage to share them. 

As far as my blog’s description, “The Story of my Lifelong Conversion,” I wanted to describe even further what this place is all about. I believe in being converted throughout my whole life, not just one act. A continual aim for conversion, if you will. That means to me, I can find true conversion to repent my sins and grab hold of Jesus even through the daily task of washing dishes. 

And if you’re sitting there wondering at the pride of one who would call herself an author without even writing a book, wonder no further. Like I said, I’m not an outstanding writer. I haven’t authored a book. But every blog needs a theme, right? (I’m looking at you, Hawaiian Birthday Party) Well, to go along with “my written stories”, I centralized my theme around “writing in general.” That’s why my life updates are called “‘Chapters’ in a Life” and the little blurb on the side says “author.” It’s either that or I really didn’t have enough themed parties as a child and I’m using my blog as a means to express my deprivation. 😉

Well, if you made it through that long post, congratulations! *virtual hug* I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about the creation of this place, and I hope you’ll be able to laugh, cry, and experience conversion right alongside me through this humble little corner of the internet.

If you only made it through half the post and still think this blog is about tattooed libraries, make sure to credit me when you tell your friends about this cool new trend. 😉

Thanks for reading!


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