A Chapter in the Life (Ch. 4)

It’s time for another Chapter in the Life, is it not? This Chapter got a little busy, so I apologize for its length. First off, you’ll notice the fancy new look around the place. I knew I wanted to change up the blog’s appearance, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do to it. Daniel helped me to pick one of our fabulous wedding pictures out and I chose a new theme (I’m now rocking Hemingway Rewritten) and I’m loving the layout and simplicity of it! I always wanted my blog’s header to be a sort of microcosm of my/our life and what it’s all about. What makes more sense than the very beautifully painted Catholic Church on our wedding day? Family, Daniel, and of course, my Catholic faith is what it’s all about here, so I think it really ties the appearance of the blog up with a sweet little bow. At least for now…

Good Catholic Reading

The One Thing I Regret About My Wedding – Carrots for MichaelmasAnother great Catholic reflection from the coolest couple converts on the block (or at least from one of them). I love, love, love reading Haley’s blog. She is so inspiring.

An Open Letter on Being OffensiveThe Fike LifeBlythe got it right here. I am always left wondering these exact things, not only in the blogging/internet world, but just life in general. I wish people would be more charitable before they left mean comments. This is one of the very reasons I do not have Facebook. 

Mass at St. Michael’sBetter Than EdenThis post will just melt your heart, so beware!

Family News

It’s been so long since I’ve posted a Chapter in a Life post that I can’t remember where I left off last time and how much really has happened… . I apologize for the frenzied format, I have tried to write this post four times, and the last time, WordPress crashed on me right when I hit “Save Draft” and a lot of my already typed up post was lost. So in an effort of to save time, I’m going to do this newspaper title/headline style.

Young couple moves to the big city, watch the failed attempts at parallel parking and see the moving box instagram selfies!

Young couple gets incredible flesh eating virus that creates severe aggression in its victims and is believed to be the start of the apocalypse! (Or… Hannah and Daniel get a terrible stomach virus)

World famous photographer travels to Florida and discovers her hidden talent of Beach Bird Whisperer!



I’m genuinely sorry for putting you through that…


So not much has been happening in this section of my life, but there is a secret project in the works and I’d love to share a little bit of my recent sketching with you. I am by no means a brilliant artist, but I have been enjoying dragging my sketch book along with me places when I have a little time on my hands.


It’s not very good quality and this is just a rough draft, but I have hopes that the real project will turn out better.


You know that whole frugal thing? Well, I’m so frugal I really hate buying Thank You cards… My house is half boxed up right now and I couldn’t find my card supplies, so I made some simple stationary with different calligraphy for Daniel and I to use. A friend even commented on it and asked me to write out a phrase for her new tattoo, so apparently if I need a gig on the side, I could always become a tattoo artist! I shudder to think of the atrocities people would wear if that were really true. Whatever the case though, this one worked out and my friend actually got the tattoo! I feel so special.


Daniel and I have started keeping journals (that’s sort of DIY, right?) and I’m ashamed to say he keeps one more diligently than I do. It’s been a great little outlet for us to do together but also independently and Daniel has been doing his at least once a day! Sometimes twice. I, on the other hand, really only journal when something strikes me that I would like to jot down. I’ve read a lot of benefits to journaling. It helps you find “your voice” for when you are writing, it increases your vocabulary, it helps you to see the good things and life lessons and for me, it feels like a rough draft for my blogging outlet. These Chapter in a Life posts always seem like a journal/newsletter to me, and I think that’s a big reason I enjoy writing them. But when I journal on the side, I can keep track of specific events that happen and have them for later when I want to write a post on them. Not to mention I love the feeling of putting a pen to paper.

Becoming a Better Reader

This sickness has allowed me all sorts of excuses and justifications for Netflix and gaming and I just haven’t been reading in the last couple weeks…. *hides head in shame* but I would love to highlight my husband’s hobbies of late! He’s been reading up a storm! A Storm of Swords, that is! (See what I did there?)


A year ago, I had a coworker recommend the Game of Thrones series which I had heard little about, but I picked up the series and started reading. After recovering from the shock of the sheer amount of characters to keep up with, I made it through the first book and half of the second. I enjoyed the medieval aspects of the story, I enjoyed some of the characters, but I was not feeling diligent enough to finish reading the series. Maybe, someday I will. It was then that Daniel and I started watching the television series (and skipping quite a bit of it, if you’re familiar with GoT at all) I told Daniel that while I wasn’t feeling up to the challenge of the books, it seemed like a series that would be right up his alley. He shrugged it off for a year, and when I finally decided to sell my books back since they were in good condition to use the money to get new books, Daniel decided he was then interested in reading them. So, he ordered one from Amazon and started reading and he hasn’t stopped since! He’s become such a fan that he had me sew a patch onto his backpack of his favorite house in the series. Harry Potter button kids have nothing on this husband!

Faith and Spiritual Reflections


We celebrated St. Joan of Arc’s feastday with French Onion Soup (recipe from the Pioneer Woman) and Daniel ate his whole bowl (if you know Daniel at all, you know he’s not a broth soup kind of guy though stew and dumplings are another matter)! I didn’t get to make the french dessert I wanted to go with the meal, but I blame the fact that I don’t have a kitchen table right now. The recipe turned out delicious and the cheese we bought to go with it was fantastic! I am such a soup girl…

That’s all for this Chapter, I hope the next one will be a bit more exciting with some uploads of the new apartment too!  Thanks for reading!

– Hannah