A Chapter in the Life

It’s three days into Lent and terribly quiet on the blog front. I haven’t posted much.

That’s because I’ve been reading…

Lots of reading!

This is my first Lent as a Catholic and I’ve been learning so much still, I just haven’t had much to post. I’ve also been trying to spend more time with God – Adoration, praying and reading scripture. It’s just something I feel Him asking me to do right now. Not to mention reading in general (where I would normally try to pick up an episode of tv, I’m trying to read a chapter of a book). I love reading, my problem just comes from my eyes being exhausted and my brain being mush at the end of my work day. But I really find myself feeling better mentally when I cut the tv and hit the books.


I’ve come across a lot of really wonderful Blog articles on Lent that were especially thought provoking to me. You should definitely check these posts out and leave them some love. These Bloggers are smart, funny, and awesome and have taught me so much! It’s really quite amazing how such a vibrant community of Catholics are using the internet to share their faith now! It’s as though the Catholic internet is blossoming! I feel so special to get to see it happen at such a new point in my life and faith.

Good Catholic Reading

66 Things to Give up or Take up for Lent – by Catholic All YearThis one really helped both me and Daniel to find the things that are distracting us and that we could definitely use to “increase focus on God,” as Kendra explained. We just chose what was meaningful for both of us (in addition to our own goals we feel that God has given us for this Lent) and wrote them down. Personally, leaving dishes in the sink overnight is a huge problem that I have, and that one really stuck out to me. Still not convinced to give it a read? Well, Kendra has made it even better by classifying each idea in beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels! If you are still discerning how to go about this Lent, this post is definitely worth a read for ideas. 

Why is Lent Forty Days – by Catholic ExchangeIf you were pondering the season of Lent recently, and had this same question, here is a great answer! I had never thought about Lent that way before and after reading this article, I was musing about how God’s use of the number forty is really fascinating.

The Story of Ash Wednesday – by Catholic ExchangeThis post is great coming as an answer to why we use ashes, and an explanation of the history of Ash Wednesday. As a convert who explains things horribly (I’m more of a let-me-show-you than a let-me-explain-to-you kind of person), this was a great read to help me to share my faith with others. 

Our Passion Cross – by Better Than EdenThis is one of my very favorite bloggers. Mary is such an encouraging person and deep thinker (I mean, who else can find such meaning in your living room couch). She has such an intimate and honest blogging style and I have not seen a post I have not loved from her. This is a post that I happened across in her archives. I can’t believe I’ve been following her almost a year and this is the first time I have found it! But that’s one of the things that I love about Mary’s blog, it’s just so full of treasures like this post. Okay, introductions aside, the passion cross she made for her family is such a great idea and I think she executed it well. She said that she’s still figuring out the best way to structure the scripture readings/ornaments into her family’s season of Lent (when they are read and hung), but if you want an activity and visual reminder in your home to help you focus on the Passion, click on over to her post! Daniel even said he was thinking about making a mini cross for our apartment living and was thinking about how he wanted to construct it. (Daniel NEVER wants to add anything to our tiny studio apartment, so you know he loves the idea if he’s willing to give up space for it!)

Family News

We have our niece coming to visit us over Spring Break and are both pretty excited to spend time with her. We’ve promised to use our savage woodworking and sewing skills to construct a doll bed for one of her five American Girl Dolls. She’s been texting me about it every day, and it’s pretty adorable. Before she visits, my parents are actually coming to visit for a late lunch and pictures in the Arboretum. My wonderful mother is even lending me her old camera and lens (and by old, I just mean that it’s her previous camera since she just bought a new one… it’s still a super fancy camera) and is going to teach me a bit about how to use it. I was lamenting to her one day about how I would love to get into photography and invest in a nice camera, but I did not want to be one of those people with a fancy camera (and all sorts of bells and whistles) who took worse pictures than with a simple digital because they did not have the skills to use it. That’s when she offered to let me borrow her old one to learn how to use it before I buy a nice one! I’m so excited.

Becoming a Better Reader

I’m still in the middle of reading Villette but it is slow going. I’m enjoying the story, but I’m getting bogged down in the language (I know, I’m so uncivilized) and keep having to re-read the page I just read because nothing registered in my brain! I’m determined to finish it though, and hopefully fill out some discussion questions for my (non-existent) book club of me, myself, and I. *sigh*

I’m also reading (actually listening to) The Everlasting Man, by G.K. Chesterton based on a suggestion I received from Mary at Better Than Eden when I asked what to start with if I wanted to begin reading Chesterton. I’m loving it so much! It’s become my bath book (or audio, since I’ve been listening).

I finished The Power of a Praying Wife and found myself circling the page numbers in the index of the prayers that I have been praying or found a special place in my heart. It was a very helpful read for me as a wife who tries to pray for her husband and helped me to know what I could be praying for based on situations we’ve gone through.

A Letter to the Weather

Now that I’m freezing and my fingers are frozen from typing, I’m going to go and steal Daniel’s warmth and probably awaken a beast inside of him that hates my guts for making him cold while he’s sleeping. Ah marriage… But seriously, weather, WHAT IS GOING ON?! I live in Texas. Hot, Humid, Normal Texas. Not SNOWING TEXAS. Not 24 DEGREES TEXAS. I’m not made for this weather! That’s why I live here, please get yourself un-lost and don’t ever take the wrong exit again! Or sober yourself up, if you are drunk. I haven’t quite decided which weather metaphor I’m using.



the girl who hates being cold


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