A Toast to my Husband on our Second Anniversary

I would like to say that marriage is easy… that loving you always comes naturally, and that our home is in a constant state of kindness, maturity, and good feelings that people can experience when they walk through the door.


But love is not just a twitterpated heart, and marriage is not just a good feeling. It is a commitment and it hasn’t been easy.


While our home may sometimes be a place where the kind words don’t always see the light of the dimly lit off-brand bulbs, the maturity level doesn’t always meet the goal of hanging up its freshly showered towel from the floor, and the good feelings often come from too much sugar and the delirium that the wee hours of the morning bring, its the commitment to each other that we have under our Lord that makes our home, our love, and this marriage beautiful.


The commitment to love each other through all of the imperfections, to walk hand and hand as we learn how to live life well, and to keep holding hands even when we don’t agree.


And so I would like to toast not only to our love, bonded in the strength of God and carrying the commitment in our hearts, but to you, who makes life rich in excitement,


takes tender care of me when I’m sick and spares no expense to makes me laugh,


fills life with sweetness,


puts up with the insane amount of silliness I bring into our life,


teaches me all about forgiveness, and has brought me into a closeness with our Father in Heaven like I’ve never known!


To you, the sunny corner of my life!


My love forever.


3 thoughts on “A Toast to my Husband on our Second Anniversary

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